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Your home needs a regular maintenance schedule, just like every other thing you own. Yes, your home is every bit as important as your car, your garden, your gadgets and appliances, and even yourself. And, just as you ensure everything you own is serviced and kept in shipshape, your home needs a similar treatment. Home maintenance requires time and effort, and a whole lot of planning.

Home maintenance is easy, especially when you chalk out what needs to be done, how often and when. Reputed home builders in Kerala believe that regular home maintenance can cushion homeowners from troubles and inconveniences and prevent unnecessary expenditures on repairs and purchases, at a later stage.

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for flats in Kochi, or Kolkata, or any other places, you need to understand the home maintenance checklist to make a decent purchase.

Most home maintenance routines cost little or no money and require no special skills. While the regimens are simple, the thought of carrying them out can be incredibly overwhelming.

Hence, we suggest creating a Home maintenance checklist of what needs to be done. We are providing our suggestions of things that are important, of course, the list is just a guideline; you can rework it based upon your comfort and type of home.

  • The tasks can be split into monthly, once in six months, and once a year routine.
  • Divide tasks based on seasons—certain tasks can be carried out only in specific seasons, while others can be undertaken at any time.
Home Maintenance Checklist

Monthly Home Maintenance Routine

Monthly home maintenance tasks involve checking fixtures and gadgets that keep your home safe.

  • Inspect the fire extinguisher: Fire extinguishers are a safety item, and having them at home is a must. It is equally important to ensure that they remain in perfect working condition, to help tackle emergencies. Run a routine check, on them, every month. Ensure that the nozzle is clean and devoid of dust. Check the expiry date and replace it if the fire extinguisher is past its expiry date. You can also opt for an AMC contract so that a technician periodically services the gadget.
  • Clean drains: Clean all drainage points in your home, especially the kitchen sink, washbasins, bathrooms, and utility area, etc. Use a commercially available drain cleaner to clear the muck for the drains. Or use an eco-friendly remedy— pore a homemade concoction of vinegar and baking soda down the drains to unclog them.
  • Clean bathroom fixtures: Regular cleaning of faucets, aerators, and showerheads keep them sparkly clean and prevents salt deposits and rust formation. Vinegar works wonders; it removes saltwater stains and mineral deposits accumulated in the aerators and showerheads. Note: You must clean the water closet (WC), sinks and washbasin daily or every other day since they can house disease-causing bacteria and bugs.
  • Run unused water outlets: Run taps and flush cisterns that are not in use. Doing so will keep them from jamming, fend off pests, eliminate odors, and arrest the buildup of disease-causing mold and bacteria.
  • Clean AC vents: AC vents collect a lot of lint and dust, and this can impact both the cooling and the quality of air in your home. Clean the AC vents; you will be surprised at how much dirt they collect. Also, clean fan blades and the top of the indoor AC units.
  • Chimney filters: Cooking oils clog the filters on the kitchen chimneys. Clean them in tepid water and baking soda. Doing this will improve the kitchen chimney’s performance and remove cooking smells from your kitchen more effectively.

Half-yearly Home Maintenance Schedule

Deep clean your home, at least, once every six months. Deep cleaning entails giving each room a thorough cleaning. You need not do this at one go; it is best to assign a different

month for each space. Clean the kitchen one month, and the master bedroom the next, and so on.

By deep cleaning, we mean that every nook and corner of the room is cleaned. Make sure all surfaces are given a good wiping. Clean the windows panes and grills, mosquito mesh, doors, furniture etc. Clean all the gadgets and appliances, vacuum the carpets and rugs, wash the curtains and do not forget to wipe the top of cupboards and the back of wall decor items. These places can house not just dirt, but also mites and viruses. Organise the closets and cabinets; discard things you do not need or those that are past their expiry dates.

Check the health of your plants, both indoor and outdoor ones. Prune and fertilise them, move plants around depending on the weather—Prep your garden, based on the season. For example, shift heat-sensitive plants indoors or in the shade, during summer or provide them with a sunshade net. Similarly, protect outdoor plants from excessive rains during the monsoon season and the cold during winter months.

Service appliances—you can extend the life of the inverter batteries with timely care. Periodically, fill distilled water into the batteries, as it improves their working. Dust and food particles can choke the gas burners in the kitchen, clean them, with a mild soap solution. Change the filters in the water purification system.

Annual Home Maintenance Plan

Annual home maintenance includes some big budget items. You can cut costs if you do the jobs yourself Or Checklist Every Homebuyer.


Metal grills, banisters, and railings can become rusted and spoil. It is advisable to paint them annually, to keep corrosion from damaging them. Further, fresh paint can give the woodwork in your home a new lease of life. Doors and door frames, window frames, loft shutters, cabinets, etc., can do with a coat of paint. Varnish wooden furniture, to keep it looking as good as new. Note that the best time for carrying out painting works is when the weather is dry. Avoid painting during the monsoon season. Remember, you can protect wooden pieces from wood insects, by painting or varnishing them each year.


Attend to cracks on walls and seepage issues at the earliest. There are several chemical solutions available in the market that you can use to seal and arrest seepage.

Clean gutters and drainage:

Fallen leaves and debris choke gutters and drainage grates causing water to stagnate, during rains. The stagnant water can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. And water that doesn’t drain properly from the terrace can weaken the structure of your home. Get your home before the rains hit.

Change gas pipe:

Replace the LPG gas pipe with a new, ISC marked, reinforced gas hose.

Use these pointers to come up with your home maintenance routine; one that is practical and easy to follow. You will be surprised how easy it is to keep your home well-maintained and how following a scheduled maintenance plan can save you from unnecessary expenditure.

This home maintenance checklist can assist you to live a better life and create a positive ambiance in your residence. If you are planning to buy a flat or apartment in Kerala, you need to choose the best one from the list of renowned builders in Kerala who offer home care service options offering broad ranges of utility care and support services.

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