Combat sports gets its name because of the one on one contact that there is between two people; combat sports are essentially sports that include some form of fighting and wrestling in them.

There are many forms and variations of competitive sports that shelter under the umbrella of combat sports, for example, boxing (and kickboxing), mixed martial arts (and all its forms), and finally wrestling.

And it goes without saying how intense this sport can be so the training is quite difficult.

The athletes who decide to participate and practice for a combat sport need to be really focused and dedicated to their passion to survive and excel in their respective sport. 

There are many benefits of doing combat sports and it is because of these various reasons why so many people opt for participating in combat sports.

It’s true that enthusiasm and zeal for a sport can go a long way when one has to excel in a sport however there are many parents who decide for their children to join some form of combat sport from a very early age. And we are totally in for that, some of the many reasons being:

1- Learn Self Defense

Self Defense

The world we live in requires (especially for young girls) kids to know how to defend themselves from harm and danger. The various sports that come under the vast institution that is combat sports offer many opportunities to learn self defense and not necessarily just attacking.

It is advised for anyone who is interested in the idea of protecting themselves from danger to definitely take up some form of combat sport to learn how to deal with unpleasant scenarios where they feel they could be seriously harmed.

2- Encourages Self Discipline

Excelling in combat sports requires intense discipline from the students and they have to be organized and follow a strict schedule; one cannot survive if proper order is not followed.

Not only do you need to learn how to perfect your form and deliverance but you also need to learn how to control their mental and physical activity according to how the game is.

Combat sports will change your diet, your posture, your entire outlook towards life, but it will all be with the aim of improving your health and helping you grow.

3- Helps Mental Health

Combat sports will teach you how to concentrate and focus your mind when it is most crucial and necessary for you to be mentally present and observant.

4- Improves Balance

Boxing and kickboxing will seriously help your stance, martial arts in all its form will help you gain excellent balance because it won’t help anyone if you keep tripping or falling over again and again, in order to survive and win a match you need to be quick on your feet without falling over!

5- Helps Lose Weight

The intense training will require you to work on each and every muscle of your body; not only will the training itself be taxing but also all the preparation that comes before training will break your sweat! Combat sports can become a way for you to lose weight in a healthy and productive way!

6- Manages Stress and Anxiety

Many people who suffer from stress and anxiety are advised to take up some form of combat sports training, not only because they will be able to face their fears face to face but also because combat sports will help you to utilize all your negative energy in a positive way.

How to up your Performance for Combat Sports

It is because of these and so many more reasons how combat sports can be beneficial for you. And if you’re someone who is planning on joining combat sports classes or already has signed up for them and wants to learn more as to how you can really improve your performance, then don’t worry because we have you covered!

1- Select the best type of Combat sport for you

There are a variety of disciplines that come under the banner of combat sports, and it is not necessary that you excel in all of them! Maybe you’re better at Muay Thai as compared to simple boxing or karate, but to find out you need to do a lot of research and spend time discussing with a professional or a trainer.

Figuring out what you are good at might take some time as it’s not easy to learn a combat sport but in order to become a professional, it’s important nonetheless to know what you’re good at and where a better scope of excelling for you lies.

2. Build up on your interest

If you’re interested in self-defense for example, then do your research and go into sports that really focus on that particular area such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Or if you’re interested in the art of kickboxing then pursue that. Let your instinct and your interest foster your performance.

3- Build on your strengths

Understand your body and understand how to control your movements, this will teach you a great deal about where your strengths lie and where they do not. Work on your strengths to become better at your game every day. Your biggest strength will become your opponent’s biggest enemy.

4- Work on your weaknesses

Don’t let your opponent recognize your weakness and use that against you, and it’s better if you work on your weaknesses even more ferociously than your strengths, because only when you will be able to counter your own demons will it become possible for you to counter your opponent.  

5- Work on your reflexes

Almost all the games in combat sports are built on how quick your reflexes are, and for that, you need to be present-minded at all times. Learn to control your reflexes properly so you excel in the game you’re playing.

You need to look out for any gaps that your opponent might leave for you to attack and at the same time you need to be able to protect yourself against your opponent at all times as well.

6- Stay Calm

The key to surviving an intense game is to be relaxed and calm and control your nerves lest they take control over you. A cool mind will think clearly and react more steadily.

7- Practice makes perfect 

As with everything, practicing will help you ace your game and reach great heights!