First Wedding Dance A Comprehensive Guide for Making Memorable


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Having the first dance with the love of your life is an experience beyond words. You would want to go that extra mile and make it immensely memorable. While having your first dance during a wedding reception or a Sangeet has become common, there are several ways to add a unique and personal touch to the event. A seasoned Wedding choreographer in Delhi can help you execute these professionally. So here is your comprehensive guide.

  • Use Original Song: One of the best ways of making the First Dance Memorable is by using an original song. The song composed specially for the bride and groom will have personalized lyrics and flavours related to the wedding couple which is undoubtedly unique.

  • Separate Costume: The bride and groom can change their costume exclusively for their First Dance. The idea is to make the ceremony enjoyable and engaging. So, this quick change in wardrobe correctly serves the cause for their First Dance. Your Wedding dance can help find the right outfit to suit the dance style and occasion.

  • Choose a different venue: There are some iconic First Dance venues which add a dash of exclusiveness to the event. Just for a change, the bride and the groom can perform their custom song in such iconic venues. Such a choice will definitely elevate the uniqueness of the event and keeping the memories of the first dance fresh in the couple’s mind.

  • Add voice-over to the song: To make the song more interesting, the bride and the groom can add some voice-over dialogs to solidify the ownership of the song. The idea can create a nostalgic environment and make the ceremony more memorable.

  • Try a medley song: Sometimes, it is hard to pick one favorite song for the ceremony. Therefore, the bride and the groom can opt for a medley where they can pile-up multiple songs and play serially. It can be very entertaining if done expertly.

  • Invite Celebrity Guests to perform: If budget permits, inviting a celebrity guest and ask them to perform in your First Dance is grand idea. It can quickly multiply the craze of the event. Certainly, memorable for the bride, the groom and everybody attending the wedding.

  • Decorate with personalized props: The stage decorated with the personalized props of the bride or the groom can be compelling for the viewers attending the wedding. The Wedding choreographer in Delhi can select the props related to the theme of the wedding or can be anything that resembles the wedding couple.

  • Choreographed Flash Mob: Flash Mob is not the best choice for a wedding First Dance ceremony, but it can be entertaining if appropriately organized. You can ask your Wedding dance Choreographer in Noida to come up with an innovative idea to incorporate flash mob concept into your wedding dance and create a unique experience.

  • Let your first dance tell a story: There is no such rule that the First Dance has to be a mere Dance. The bride and the groom together can perform an act that depicts their love story or resonate their story.

  • Pop Culture Adaptation: Whether it is a song or an act, the First Dance event can be anything related to pop culture. If the event organizer pulls this off successfully, then it can be very entertaining for all the audience present at the wedding.

  • Snowball Method: Let the guests and the close relatives be a part of the First Dance ceremony. After the couple’s First Dance invite the guests, parents, relatives, and friends to join the dance floor and make it memorable for everyone.

  • Add your personal touch: If it is a question of making the event memorable, the bride or the groom should engage themselves with some original act. It can be a special intro with a guitar or an organ, making an entrance below or above the stage or recite an original poem.

All these ideas are a guide to make the First Dance ceremony memorable. One can try multiple ideas at the same time or can try a classic approach instead. Whatever concept your Wedding dance Choreographer in Noida adopts for your first dance, ensure that the whole event is fun, romantic and filled with lovely memories for the couple as well as the audience.


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