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Having the passion to render and model animated visual, characters and full-fledged movies can be turned into a profitable career with the emergence of animation software and tools.

However, most of the quality software might cost you a lot and the high price tags of animation tools are a major hindrance in bringing that passion for animation to a prosperous career. 

Well if you think there is no hope for you left and that each animation software you find exceeds hundreds of dollars then to your surprise, there are several better alternatives out there.

Free animation software programs and online tools exist that provide the same features of rendering 3D or 2D animations just as a high price software would. 

Now if you think you can encompass the animation wonder a quality animated video, movie or character needs to possess then you can achieve it using free animation software.

Here is a list of free animation software for both Windows and Mac that will prevail in 2020.  

Best Free Animation Software Programs and Tools

Synfig Studio Free and open-source animation software

When animating with Synfig Studio, you are able to use multiple layers at once. Along with adding layers, you can even sync and import audio files into your animation.

The only probable drawback is that despite being free, it is a bit complex and complicated to use for beginner-level animators. Synfig Studio currently only supports 2D animation and is available on the Mac operation system for now. 


Another animation software for Mac users, Tupi can only support and animate illustrations that are available in vector formats or more.

Since it is a 2D animation software, there is no possibility for it to support illustrations that are rendered into 3D animations.

While it does not cost you anything, you are still allowed to make multiple animations and revisions without any constraints. 

Pencil2D Animation

With a simple-looking interface, Pencil2D has become a go-to software for both beginner and professional animators.

While its interface is simple and user-friendly, it still has some visual attributes that are different to customize or adjust according to animator preferences.

Again, it supports the Mac operating system so if you are someone who is new to the field of animation then Pencil2D is the one you can rely on. 


The aforementioned software programs were only meant for 2D animation but Blender is a lot different from that it offers to you. Without any charges, you can render animations in a 3D environment.

Since 3D animations are a bit difficult to render, Blender is more suitable for professional animators and cannot be solely focused on learning.

All the core features of 3D rendering such as sculpting and modeling are available in Blender so there will not be any need to integrate extra plugins.


Now CG animation is another widely recognized form of animation. For the creation of CG animations, there does not exist a tool as good and useful than Terragen.

You can trace and review each panel of animation you create and get quick previews of the work you have completed so far.

While the interface and user experience can become confusing for new animators to understand but it still is worth the experience of learning as an animator. 

DAZ Studio

Another 3D animation software, DAZ Studio does not only let you make simple 3D animations for also allows you to produce animated content for games.

The major advantage of using DAZ Studio is that it supports real-time rendering of 3D visuals.

The only probable con to using this software is that it is not meant for beginners so if you are new to animation, you will have to spend a lot of time mastering each intricate tool and feature of DAZ Studio.


It is a misconception to think that 3D rendering software programs cannot ever be free and that has been proved wrong. Seamless3D is a free and open-source modeling program meant to model, render and animate 3D visuals.

The only minor drawback is that once you are done modeling, it consumes a lot of time to edit out the extra bits from the animation if it is your first time using it.

Otherwise, short animation clips, images, and character designs can be rendered with ease. 


Having support for the Windows operating system, OpenToonz animation software allows you to code and model your animated characters with ease.

This is more of a plugin than a full-fledged animation software so the filters, effects, and features it provides can become limited at times.

In order to make your animated content visually appealing and bright, OpenToonz can be used to add extra colors, smoothness in texture and special effects into the animation.


Now you will be surely well aware of the fact that Free Animation Software and tools certainly do exist. You just have to keep a keen eye out on these emerging platforms and tools for animation and you are good to go.

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