How the Gaming Industry is Using Marketing Automation in 2019

The process of using the help of software to automate lead generation is known as marketing automation. It is used in marketing strategies and campaigns by companies to give better results to growing businesses in lesser time.

The automation process has proven to be more effective than traditional outreach for the gaming industry in 2019. Marketers are making better strategic decisions about what features of automation suit their gaming brands and can engage more customers.

However, it is still a relatively new piece of tech and is not widely used. The last decade has seen considerable growth in marketing platforms which are aimed at gamers and their interests. But how does this process help animators and video game developers?

What is Marketing Automation?

The general definition of marketing automation is the use of software to automate a business’s marketing activities. While this explanation is too simple to take into account some crucial aspects of automation, it is direct and easy to understand for people from all kinds of backgrounds.

The foremost thing that marketing automation provides to the gaming world is less limitations. It is not restricted to a purchased software and the functions which come with it. The right tools and techniques also need to be used for a game to have widespread coverage and reach.

The Gaming Business and Marketing Automation

Developers have noted how important marketing automation has been over the turn of the century. It was found that around 49% of companies already use marketing automation in their strategies and campaigns. The correlation of automation is direct to the overall success of any kind of business, as 67% of high performing game companies are more likely to use a marketing automation platform.

The average consumer today wants more authentic relationships with the games they purchase and the people who create them. To stay on top of the game and apply this knowledge to marketing is what smart marketers do. Growth oriented game developing companies use marketing automation for the following reasons:

Retaining a Customer Base

The bottom line of a game is impacted the most because of marketing automation. Customers need to be convinced to make final purchases and invest in a whole new world, with their time and money. Retention of a customer base increases with the use of automation and with a 5% increase, the revenue of your game can go up to 95%.

Saving More Time

It has been predicted that by 2020, an estimate of 85% of consumers will manage their customer relationship without talking to a human. This is a benefit that saves more time for customers to be able to make their purchases, especially when it comes to placing an order for an unknown game.


The best thing about automated marketing is the versatility that it allows to game developers and their businesses. The adaptable nature of the automation helps companies cater their emails to unique customer needs and track their patterns. This maintains awareness surrounding new games and yet also keeps customers engaged for future releases.

Revenue Generation

There is considerable increase in revenue and more lead conversions with automation, no matter what the industry. 90% of businesses who use these tools find them very beneficial and have noted that their conversion rates have gone way up and game developers have taken advantage of this as well.

Sign Up Forms for Emails

Email sign up forms can be set up on your site even before automation begins and just as your game is about to launch. This is an easy way to collect customer names and contact information for future releases and updates.

Automated Analytics

The time that is wasted by logging in and out of multiple sites is now fixed with the assistance of automation. Automated analysis is allowing developers to gather their most important client information in one place. With all metrics available on your dashboard, building data sources and reporting on which game makes the most sales has never been so easy.

Conclusion: Delivering Higher ROIs

There is a great struggle surrounding timely and consistent insights when it comes to gaming. The return on investment (ROI) gives research teams a lot to consider when releasing an update or new animation style in a game. The direct connection between investment and the performance of a new game on the market has shown that a lack of automation makes businesses inefficient (82%). Thus, the adoption of automation can deliver a higher ROI and enhance marketing contributions.

As time progresses, marketing automation will evolve on a grander scale and have more features specifically for gaming, but right now its capabilities are somewhat limited. In conclusion, this new tool is a means to ensure that gaming campaigns are running smoothly and maximizing outputs. 

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