The medical industry market of India expects to increase to Rs. 8.6 trillion by 2020. Also, the country is witnessing a growth between 22% and 25% in the medical tourism industry. Owing to such growth, this industry has managed to bring in revenues worth of $6.09 billion between the financial year 2000 and 2019 as per the data published by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, also known as DIPP.

With the advancement of technology, the medical tourism sector is introducing user-friendly apps such as Lybrate for doctors that help enhance the experience of the patients.

What is the Lybrate app?

Lybrate is a mobile healthcare technology firm that develops online platforms including mobile apps to help doctors better manage logistics with their patients. This mobile health technology was formed in 2013 and has its headquarters in Delhi. With this online platform, patients can get in touch with their doctors and get consultation as and when required.

The Lybrate app has gained immense popularity due to the growth in the medical tourism sector as patients from various parts of the globe can consult their doctors with ease without having to travel to the country every time.

How does Lybrate help patients?

With this app, you can book appointments with your respective doctors. Additionally, the reports of diagnostic test can also be submitted online on this platform and patients can collect the hardcopy of the report as per their convenience. Also, this mobile health app offers online lab testing services where the required sample of the patients is directly collected from their home. 

Lybrate successfully has over 1 Lakh certified doctors to connect with patients and provide medical consultation online with ease. With the availability of doctors, Lybrate has been able to cut down the rate of self-medication as patients can connect to their doctors with ease. 

How Lybrate help doctors?

You can grow your medical practice with Lybrate in several ways, such as –

  1. You get to reach patients from across seas with ease. Also, there is no hassle of scheduled visiting hours and you can reach various patients in a day. As patients can also book appointments through Lybrate for doctors, you can schedule the appointments as per your convenience. 
  2. You can enjoy digital medical reports which eradicate the hassle of hefty paperwork. Such practice management tools also help you save time, and you can refer to the digital reports of your patients as and when required. You can also store the contact and other required details of your patient and access them as per requirement.
  3. Staying in constant touch with your patients help build trust and reputation.
  4. Lybrate can also help you earn via consultation fees for providing medical consultation to your patients on this platform. This can help you generate revenue in case you wish to expand your business.

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Apart from Lybrate, there are other hospital management and billing software that helps you reduce the hassle of the billing procedure, maintain patient records, schedule appointments, etc.

Lybrate for doctors helps you share a strong bond with your patients, and you can also share your experience and knowledge that enables you to gain recognition. The app is easy-to-use, and both doctors and patients can use the app to manage their medical requirements.