How Can Digital Marketers Benefit From Wikipedia Marketing?


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When it comes to marketing a business, Wikipedia is playing a significant role in making a business visible in the digital world. With the shift in the shopping trends, people consider of researching about a business before making a decision to purchase the product. Having a Wikipedia page doesn’t just helps the customers in making the decision; it also adds credibility in your business. 

Wikipedia ranks up in the top five most visited websites around the globe and ends up in the topmost results in search engines including Google. Websites such as Google plus also take the information from Wikipedia to add to its knowledge graph. This is the major reason why having a Wikipedia page is a good option for marketing.  

Before we come to the benefits of having a Wikipedia page, let’s talk about what Wikipedia actually is.

What is Wikipedia? 

To put it in simple words, Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia. It does not hire writers to contribute to the community but encourages people to volunteer and share their knowledge about a subject. Thus it won’t be wrong to say that Wikipedia is an open source of information and if used correctly can be used as an effective marketing tool for creating a brand. 

What Are The Advantages Of Having A Wikipedia Page? 

As said above, Wikipedia is one of the most visited websites on Google and Bing. Therefore having a Wikipedia article for your business can automatically boost your business’s online visibility and get an automatic SEO boost on Google, which is free of cost. Other than that, Wikipedia offers the following advantages for a business.

  • Having a Wikipedia page can make a brand identity for your business. 
  • It adds credibility to your business. 
  • Your business will have a positive increase in sales 
  • it is free of cost

How To Create A Wikipedia Page For Your Business

With all the benefits discussed above, you also need to be careful about all the possible drawbacks it can have. However, with the best practices discussed below, you can too have a Wikipedia page for your business. 

Make An Account

Most companies use the help of a Wikipedia page creator to create a Wikipedia page. However, creating a Wikipedia page is simple and can be done without professional help. Here is a guide for the beginners. You just have to click on “create account” on the Wikipedia homepage to open a link and enter your user name. Make sure that you do not enter your company name or it can end up deleted. 

Build A Reputation On Wikipedia

In order to successfully publish your Wikipedia article, you need to build a reputation in the Wikipedia community. You can start by editing and tweaking to prove your worth on writing an article. If you edited more than ten edits in four days, you’d be confirmed as an editor, and your edits won’t go under much scrutiny. Remember the more trustworthy you are Wikipedia, the more likely your article is going to get published. Digital Marketers ‘Benefit From Wikipedia Marketing’

Meet The Notability Guidelines

In order to have a Wikipedia page for your business, you must meet the notability guidelines of Wikipedia. Any professional Wikipedia page creator would check the Wikipedia guidelines before working on the article to reduce the probability of getting the page deleted as Wikipedia does not allow to cover the same topics twice. You need to make sure that your Wikipedia page has not been covered before. 

Give Proper Citations 

Having an external source of information as a reference to the information builds trust among the audience. This allows them to trust the information and make a decision for purchasing the product. 

Submit Your Page For Review

A small article— known as the ‘stub’ among the Wikipedians— is short factual information about your detailed topic that provides the basic facts about your company. It is a necessary part of the page creation process that allows the community to decide whether your article is worth having a Wikipedia page or not. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the stub as close to the facts as possible along with following the Wikipedia guidelines. 

Monitoring And Maintaining

It is easy to keep a check on the changes made in the Wikipedia article. The notification tab of Wikipedia allows the writers to be aware of the edits and change any misinformation about the company. It is necessary to monitor the Wikipedia page because the information on Wikipedia can be changed by people.

Timely Updates

It is important for a business person to timely update the Wikipedia page after every achievement to provide up-to-date information to the audience. 

With a world where people are so close and always connected, it is necessary for businesses to have popularity on the internet. Wikipedia page helps the company by getting accurate information of your business out to the customers.


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