How is packaging affecting the planet?

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The usage of non-recyclable packaging has caused severe damages to the planet but better late than never that the problem has been identified and the manufacturers, as well as the consumers, are now showing a sense of responsibility towards the product as well as its packaging. In the past few years, the consumers have shown their concern about the ingredients that are being used for the manufacturing of these beautifying items, but on the other hand, the packaging of the products is the thing that is being neglected by both, the manufacturer and the consumer. The consumers of the cosmetic prefer the products that are manufactured organically, but they do ignore the other important fact that the packaging of the product is also as much important as the product itself. Not only the health of the consumers but also the planet is at stake because of these widely used and later disposed of beautifying items’ packaging.

Hundreds of thousands of Makeup Boxes with complete cosmetic items as well as solo items like lipsticks, mascara, nail polish, blush on, and skin foundation is sold every year around the world. The problem is not with the sale of the items, but it is what comes after that product is consumed and the packaging is disposed of. Since these packaging boxes are mostly of plastic and other synthetic materials, they do not decompose easily and an average case of lipstick can take 400-500 years to completely decompose. Around 18 million acres of land is polluted every year because of the cardboard stock waste that is used for the packaging of cosmetic products. This shocking and distressing fact comes with the addition that it is not only polluting the ground but also the seashores and marine life is disturbed because of it. Another major reason for this problem is a shortage of tendency towards recycling of the cosmetic packaging while most of the packaging for food items go for recycling, the cosmetics packaging goes in trash cans and does not dispose of properly.

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Types of packaging materials

There are different types of materials that are used for the packaging of cosmetics but plastic is the most common of all because it is cost-effective for the manufacturers and also is lightweight and the consumers do not feel a burden in taking the product with them. Although there are some brands that are now switching to the synthesized polymers, which are commonly known as a biopolymer, wooden, and bamboo packaging for the beauty items but the most innovative thing that has been introduced in the market recently is no packaging at all. But the problem with this innovation is that it is not applicable to all the beauty items, for now.

How to get the problem solved?

So what is the solution to the problem that is growing yet ignored? One thing that the manufacturer and the consumers should insist on is green and Eco-friendly packaging. The packaging manufacturers always try to entertain the customization requirements set by the customers for the Custom Makeup Boxes so the customers should insist for the manufacturing of the packaging with such materials that are easily biodegradable and decompose. The question here that arises in the mind is what are the materials that are safe for the product as well as for the planet and do not pollute the nature? These materials include decomposing cardboard or paper, metal boxes and jars and glass bottles.

Another solution for this problem is to get trendy and stylish cosmetics box with a fee for monthly, bi-monthly, and an annual subscription. There are some companies that offer Makeup Subscription Boxes Free of cost on certain conditions that might include the purchase of some other products or might ask you for a specific amount to contribute in saving nature. There is almost every kind of boxes available that provide you the best and the latest cosmetic items for a specific period of time. The subscription fee for these boxes may vary from a few dollars per months to hundreds of dollars per month, minimum $4-5 to maximum $400-500.

A small step can mark a greater impact

Cosmetics are all about looks and glamour and every consumer wants to have a fashionable beauty item manufactured by a trusted cosmetics company. But if for a while the consumer can stop and think about the effects that the packaging of the cosmetic items are putting on the planet, this little step can become a greater contribution in saving the environment.