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Nowadays live streaming videos are frequently used which connects every device globally with each other. The purpose of live streaming content may be anything, for example, it may be for business or for personal use and it consists of many features such as cloud support, strong security, reliable content and many more. Before running any video streaming website it is important to know the basic requirements such as it must have reliable storage, good network connectivity, high bandwidth, security, reasonable latency and many more. As operating these sites is not that much easy as you need to maintain a managed data center for this. Online streaming websites like project free TV are used worldwide by millions of people for this purpose.

People have literally stopped watching TV since these video streaming websites have evolved and this is the reason many large companies had to come up with the streaming sites of their own where they provide free content to an extent and then charge for it. Since sites like YouTube are not available worldwide and are banned in many countries, these streaming sites are earning a lot of money for providing contents. While some paid sites are earning money directly from the users, some free sites earn money through ads and other sources.

Advantages of running a video streaming website

As well all know that there are hundreds of websites in the market these days that provide video streaming without charging anything to the customers. The quality of the videos streamed are excellent even if it is a free website. Now the question is, why would they provide high-quality free of cost content to their users? The answer is, they are making handsome money out of this business. Nobody in this world does anything for free.

The ads that are shown on these free websites are the source of money for the website owners. Since these sites are not registered and are completely illegal, they do not have to spend even a single penny for registration. While the ads give them a lot of money, they just have to purchase a domain and upload videos for the users which is why there are more free sites than the paid ones.

Are free video streaming sites legit

Now the question is, how can somebody show free contents to the user on the internet while other companies charge for it? What will other companies do, and why will people watch paid videos when they can watch it for free? Well, the answer to these questions is that these free video streaming websites are not registered and are completely illegal.

These sites face copyright violation issues time-to-time and either charged with a hefty fine or are shut down completely. While some people pay the fine and continue the free streaming again, some people whose sites are made to shut down, change the domain name whenever their sites are blocked and continue to provide videos for free. Since there is no concrete rule for internet piracy and copyright issues, these websites continue to do their business successfully while making handsome money out of it.

Why people run video streaming sites

The answer to this question is pretty simple. People run video streaming websites to earn money. They allow ads which are full of malware, adware and other viruses and charge the ad-makers on the basis of per click. They are not bothered about how the end-user will be affected by the virus but are busy making money.

Some people run such free websites to give a tough competition to the paid sites. When good contents are provided free of cost, people tend to ignore paid services and paid websites which is a huge financial loss for the paid streaming websites as they invest a lot of money in buying the domain and registering their website. While paid websites have to put a restriction on the content they show to their users, free sites are absolutely free to show whatever they want as nobody keeps a track of their content. If any action is taken, their domain is permanently blocked and they have to create another one to be in the market. Paid websites are registered ones and they are hardly blocked as there are no copyright violations from them.


Some of the differences between paid and free video streaming websites have been discussed above and also how people run these websites. Feel free to ask questions in the comment box below.

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