How To Get Best Deals on Lands For Sale In Geelong

Geelong is located in the state of Victoria, Australia and is the second largest port city in the state. It is located to the south west of the capital city of Melbourne and is relatively nearer to it. The city of Geelong is also known as the ‘Gateway City’ as the place consists of a centralized location surrounded by many important regional centers of the state. For someone looking for house and land for sale in Geelong then they are making the right decision as it is an emerging advanced manufacturing, education and emerging health hub. It is one of the fastest developing cities of Australia with the growth potential in several sectors. Due to it’s markedly shifting economies an investment in the place in terms of real estate of getting land for sale is a judicious advancement.

In terms of transportation and connectivity for people who are willing to invest in the city, they can find a number of facilities from public transportations to well-connected freeways like Princes Freeway and Hamilton Highway. However, the main form of transportation the city is automobile due to several roads and freeways that make access to the rest of the country a breeze for the citizens. For people who want to be economical and eco-friendly, there are many kilometers of bicycle trails as well. The Avalon Airport is also located nearby to the north-east of the city. The airport is also the venue for the Australian International Air show, ‘Thunder Down Under’ that is organized here every other year. The city is also a major hub for the country’s rail transport with several main junctions like Geelong Line, Western standard gauge line and Geelong- Ballarat railway line. It’s a good time to look at land for sale in Geelong as the Victorian government is currently looking for land inspection and acquisition for a potential rail line to service both Armstrong and Torquay growth corridor.

The city is also culturally very diverse and organizes many yearly events and festivals. One of the main events that is organized at the Geelong Showground is the Royal Geelong Show. Other events include Gala Day Parade and Pako Festa. There are several amenities in the city that are accessible as well as deemed as some of the best in the state. There are several private and public schools in the city that cater to both local and international students. There are several historic private schools that are established in the city that have roots as early as the late nineteenth century. Some of the acclaimed schools are Geelong Grammar School and The Geelong college. The oldest secondary school in Victoria is the Geelong High School that has been serving the community for over a hundred years. Other renowned educational institutions are the Gordon Institue of TAFE and the Deakin University. There are several hospitals in the city as well like the Geelong Hospital and the St. John of God Health Care. For people who love to party and spend time partying there are a number of live- music venues, nightclubs and pubs in the city. Hence, land for sale in the city is so coveted.

Land for sale in Geelong can be an easy investment if the right agent is dealt with. At Anchoridge we provide our clients with premiere land packages and houses so that the customers can have a hassle free transition to their new homes.


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