There are various kinds of private parties to either celebrate an occasion or in memory of someone and non-profitable events. But ‘drawing the attention of the crowds’ is very important in all kinds of events. Non-profitable events are organized for social causes and therefore the need to pull the audience is the highest priority. It’s a tough job to attract a bunch of people with varied different emotions, liking, and creative tastes. However, once you manage to contend the crowd’s attention your party is a hit! To accomplish this task you have to hire an artist very tactfully.

Points to remember before you hire a celebrity for a event  

Which celebrity will grace your event is dependent on many factors. Here is a brief overview of the criteria to consider before hiring an artist.

  • The star power of the artist to grip the attendees and guests. This is the trickiest part since every artist has his or her audience.
  • Budget for your talent, budget for the stage, budget for the traveling, budget for production and miscellaneous budget.
  • The venue should be at an accessible location for both guests and the artist.
  • Proper arrangement of the crowd – Whether you want a seating arrangement or standing arena, whether you would like to divide the crowd into two sections. The crowd should experience its favorite celebrity at the close, and also the celebrity should be at a safe distance from the crowd.

How to choose an activity.

There are various types of acts you can arrange for the crowd like a musical act, comedy act, or Celebrity speaker. To simplify let’s delve briefly into each sector.

  • MUSICAL ACT – Music is the best way to entertain. A great musical piece by a celebrity will definitely impress the audience. These special performances in a hotel room or a private space are incredibly fun and unique despite the fact that the audience can book a ticket when the artist is touring. Of course, a live performance by a celebrity artist on a big stage is jaw-dropping, but the same performance in a closed space brings you closer to the performer and makes the crowd feel special.
  • COMEDY ACT – Nowadays, stand up comedy shows are a rage. Mainly because humor is the best solution to keep someone hooked. Making someone laugh is a hard task, therefore when someone manages to crack it the payoff is satisfactory. There are many talented comedians who have unique jokes to gift your guests some quality time.
  • CELEBRITY SPEAKER – Everyone loves to hear their favorite celebrity share their life experience. It’s inspiring as well as educative to hear the life experiences of successful people. There are many celebrity speakers who are famous for their speeches. You can either hire a celebrity speaker or a celebrity artist from any sector or allow them to share their life experience.

Is your guest list as important as your celebrity artist list?

Well, to be honest, it is important. You can’t obviously bring anyone and everyone in close proximity to a celebrity. Here are the steps to make your job easy.

  • The type of event is very important. It can be a birthday party or an anniversary party in such events the guest list comprises of close family members.
  • A throwaway event to gather people. There are many events dedicated to literature or music. A specific artist is hired to display his or her talent. In such cases, the guest list should have guests who are accustomed to the artist’s talent. If you are inviting a classical singer then you can’t invite guests who like rock music and vice-versa.
  • In a corporate event, the guest’s list is mostly the employees of the organization. In such cases, the organization knows its employees very well so they can manage their guest list accordingly.
  • Honorary event. Such events are arranged to honor a personality. It can be both ways. The host can either organize the event to honor an artist or a personality who was close to him or her. Sometimes, in such events, it’s tough to decide whom to invite. The best way to maintain your guest list in such a scenario is to take the guidance of the personality to whom the event is dedicated. If the person who is honored is by chance dead then invite people who knew the person well, so that they can share memories revolving around the person.

Celebrity hiring advice.

The first tip is to know your budget properly. You can find many artists as per your budget since all the online talent management sites have a gallery of artists listed as per various budgets. But be careful about the hidden budgets. Every celebrity artists have various accompanies in the form of Makeup artists, Hairstylist, Manager, and personal security. The cost of the team accompanying the celebrity has to be carried by the organizer. In most cases, even the artist management agencies have no clue regarding the hidden budget so it’s a piece of wise advice to keep this in mind while making your budget. And lastly, don’t get bogged down by anything, be practical and follow your heart.