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Despite being aware of all the health benefits of exercising there are many reasons why people might decide not to exercise or workout. Perhaps you have a very demanding job and you can’t seem to find the time to really hit the gym and work out! Or maybe you’re a really busy parent who needs to give all the time to their kids, and the little time you do find for yourself you want to just kick back and relax.

Nothing wrong with relaxing and just letting loose but working out is important to you know! We are also aware of how taxing student life can be, and in between assignments many students can find it difficult to follow a strict regime because they already quite stressed out and don’t want the extra pressure. 

How to Start Exercising

For many people, their serious exercising routine suddenly came to halt when the pandemic hit the world! It suddenly became unadvisable to go to gyms and other fitness studios because of the risk it would put them into.

Many of those people actually had to find a lot of motivation and courage to have a fitness regime in the first place! Perhaps they were even relieved by the excuse of why they can’t go to the gym!  

However, we have news for all you folks who are burdened by their lifestyles and suffered because of the pandemic! Exercising at least five times a week can actually help reduce your burden and your stress levels to a great extent!

When you are stressed and anxious there is a chemical that is produced in your body called cortisol; this chemical not only settles down around your abdomen but also tends to store fat because of which many people have the tendency of feeling bloated. And the only thing that can counter cortisol is exercising!  

happy hormones

When you exercise your body releases what many doctors refer to as happy hormones; serotonin, dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin which help uplift your mood, make you feel productive and positive about life.

And who doesn’t want to chase that feeling! So if you want to feel good about yourself and feel motivated every day to perform your best, then trust us exercising is the solution!  

Benefits of Exercising

There are many other benefits of exercising as a matter of fact, which after finding out we are sure you will get ready with your gym clothes to restart your fitness game! After all, you do want to lose all that weight you put on during the pandemic and lead a healthier life, right? Here is a list of reasons why you should definitely exercise regularly: 

1- Lowers Sugar Levels in the Blood 

When you exercise your muscles use up all the access sugar that your body finds hard to process and turns it into energy. Exercising regularly helps to balance the sugar levels in your blood and helps you to lead a healthier life. 

2- Lowers Cholesterol 

Similarly when you exercise your muscles heat up because of which the fat and oil around your arteries get dissolved from your blood, bringing your blood cholesterol down which improves your blood pressure and the performance of your heart.  

3- Improves Stamina 

Improves Stamina

Developing good stamina is very important for oxygen circulation in the body and also to be able to stay physically active for a considerable period of time. That aching pain that you feel when you are out of breath during exercise is an indication that your stamina is low and needs to improve; exercising regularly will help you maintain and improve that stamina.  

4- Improves Blood Circulation 

When you do cardiovascular exercises that raise your heartbeat it is actually proof that your heart is working at its optimum level and this is an indication that your heart promotes the supply of blood throughout your body. When your blood circulation improves you feel energetic, fresh and also tend to think clearer as well.  

5- Makes muscles flexible 

Muscle flexibility is very important when it comes to blood circulation, the more resilient your muscles will be, the better the blood circulation will get.  

6- Resistance against Injury 

Lastly, supple and flexible muscles will always protect you against muscle injuries because your muscles start acting like armor that will protect you against physical harm. 

List of ways you can easily and Gradually start Exercising

When exercising regularly can bring so many benefits to your everyday life then why not try to exercise as much as possible? If you are someone who is finding it difficult to restart their exercising regime then don’t worry! We have you covered and have compiled a list of ways you can easily and gradually start exercising!  

1- Have a talk with yourself 

You are your best motivator! Have a serious discussion with yourself as to why it’s important to start exercising again. Think of all the excuses that help you avoid exercising and go through them one by one to see how you can come around them and make this work!  

2- Start with walking  

No need to get into a hardcore workout just yet! Ease into it as you slowly but surely start staying active; and we suggest walking! It’s easy, it’s refreshing and it is also extremely beneficial!  

3- Focus on your breathing 

Breathing is important because you need to maintain a strong stamina, take up yoga and learn how you can synchronize your breathing to your workout regime so you never feel demotivated because you feel like you need to catch your breath after a little while.  

4- Divide days according to set body parts 

Research and read up on various workout regimes and talk to your trainer as to what will suit you and your lifestyle the most. We suggest dividing your days into various body parts so you don’t feel burdened by compound exercises just yet!  

5- Don’t overburden yourself 

We emphasize this because if you happen to bite more than you can chew you will immediately fall back into retreat and really get discouraged with the idea of working out! Start by exercising for 20 minutes every day in the beginning and then gradually increase the time you spend working out.  

6- Listen to motivating music 

Music is your best friend when it comes to exercising! Music will help you get pumped up and motivate you to workout harder! Plus, it’s a great distraction especially when you are doing rigorous exercises that are really difficult to do!  

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