How to use DesignEvo online logo design

How to use DesignEvo online logo design

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DesignEvo online logo design

DesignEvo is an online tool that allows users to use Design Evo to design their logos, create their own logos without having to deal with anyone else. Besides, when designing logos with DesignEvo, users are referred to hundreds of different models.

How to use DesignEvo online logo design

You are wondering how to get a beautiful logo maker tools with the lowest cost? With the use of Design Evo logo design, all problems will be solved immediately without even costing you a penny. DesignEvo allows users to design logos online with hundreds of templates and tools that anyone can create a logo with DesignEvo.

Use DesignEvo to design logos online for free. However, users can still pay for more features, such as saving images in high-quality png format with 5000 x 5000 px resolution, for example. But with the free DesignEvo version, it is more than enough for you to create an online logo.

If you have not used any online logo creation tool, DesignE vo is what you are looking for; the other thing you need is the User manual of DesignEvo follows our logo design.

User Manual for Design Evo Logo Design

Step 1:

To use DesignEvo to design the logo, you need to access HERE. After the website loads, we click Make a Free Logo.

Make a Free Logo with Design Evo

Step 2:

Immediately, we are transferred to the interface of selecting Templates of DesignEvo, choose a model that most closely resembles your idea, we can edit it later to give the desired results.

Templates of DesignEvo

Step 3:

Here, I has selected a template for technology, to select, click on the quiz sample.

template for technology of Design Evo

Step 4:

Then enter the logo name and slogan of that logo, you can edit this part because it’s merely texting only.

logo name

Step 5:

Now that we are really into the DesignEvo interface, let’s start creating a classic online logo with DesignEvo.

creating a classic online logo with DesignEvo

Step 6:

The first is the icon section, which allows you to find the symbol directly on the network through keywords and to select us just click on the image.

icon section

Immediately you will see the computer image appears; here we have the right to zoom in and out or move it anywhere you want.

computer image appears

Step 7:

Don’t forget to choose the color for the icon just now to make it look the best with the existing template.

color icon

Step 8:

Next, we change the text, including logo and slogan by the unique typeface below; as said, what is the version so you can delete it directly and replace it with the templates in this.

change the text

Through a little editing, you will get a logo like this, for example.

get a logo with designevo

Or a slogan that has been narrowed down to fit the current image and frame.

get a logo with design evo

Step 9: 

The next part is to add shapes and icons to suit your intention.

shapes and icons

Step 10:

For this image to be on the bottom, the text and icons should be on the top, remember to select the layer icon on the right. And also, do not forget to adjust the color on the left for it.

Step 10

Step 11:

The last item we can choose is to color the background if you do not want it to be so white. Using DesignEvo logo design, you will find everything is straightforward, even creating colors, you just need to click on the available colors.

Using DesignEvo

Now that we have almost completed the use of Design Evo logo design. The final step after coloring the background is to review whether the overall is okay or not.

completed the use of DesignEvo logo design

Step 12:

If it’s okay, then click download to download the logo you used DesignEvo to design this logo on your computer.

download the logo DesignEvo

Step 13:

Of course, we can only download for free, but that is more than enough because the quality of the download after using DesignEvo logo design is also outstanding.

download for free logo DesignEvo

Step 14:

Click “Save File” to download the file to your computer.

Save File to download the file

And the final result after downloading, opening the file, you will see that using the Logo Design is not bad, isn’t it?

final result Logo Design

Through the above tutorial, you must have understood a little about how to use Design Evo Design logo, with some simple but very complete tools of DesignEvo is enough to help you create a logo for your own logo.

Anyway, DesignEvo is also one of the top online logo creation websites today, for newbies or people who don’t know much about computers, using Design Evo is the best solution among online logo creation websites on the market.

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