Interesting Things To Do In The Palace On Wheels Luxury Train


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Everything on the Palace on Wheels is interesting and joyous to experience. The Palace on Wheels, India’s one of the most reputed train known for its world-class facilities and amenities is the best choice for who want to travel in a luxurious mood. The environment and surroundings of the train equal to a royal palace with all classy and luxurious elements and wonderful interiors.

Simply, the Palace on Wheels is like the pride of Rajasthan by covering all important destinations in Rajasthan and making the tourism stronger and stronger. Let’s know about what are the major interesting things that can be done in the Palace on Wheels Train.

Indulge In Lavishness And Royalty

The first thing to do on the board of Palace on Wheels is enjoying the luxurious environment of the train. Everything on this train looks regal and marvellous with all cosy and luxurious elements. From the day you step in, to the day you vacate every day is a wonder and interesting to experience on Palace on Wheels. Simply, you will feel like you’re a Maharaja or a Maharani for the days you travel on the Palace on Wheels.

Experience The Savour Of Rajasthani

The two restaurants on the Palace on Wheels known as Maharaja and Maharani offers fine and delicious cuisines of Rajasthani styles and some other continental cuisines. But the Rajasthani dishes on the board are very famous to have. Nothing can beat the hunger suppress than any other luxurious elements. Happily, you can enjoy all variety of Rajasthani and international cuisines on the Palace on Wheels.

Hangover on Palace on Wheels

Palace on Wheels has the best bar equipped with a wide variety of wines. Here, in this bar alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will available. For alcoholic lovers, the bar consists of all type of Indian and international brands. After tour excursions, you may get tired so here you can boost-up yourself. And for non-alcoholics also a number of non-alcoholic beverages will available.

Rejuvenate Your Body And Soul

The Spa and Gym area on the board of Palace on Wheels is a great facility to make our body to get fit and to boost energy. Spa in Palace on Wheels is the best facility to rejuvenate our body and soul with ayurvedic and physical therapies, massages, etc. The best way to get relax on the train means choosing the spa only is the best. And Gym area also consists all equipment for gym sessions to make your body fit for the upcoming excursion tours.

Mingle With Your Fellow Travelers

A pleasant and calm sitting lounge in the Palace on Wheels is the best opportunity to spend some time leisurely with your fellow travelers on board or to get into a book to read or to pen a write anything can be done. Sitting lounge is the best place to chit-chat with family members or with fellow friends on the train.

Tour Excursions

Last but not least, why you choose Palace on Wheels means to explore many touristic wonders. So never try to miss any place in the itinerary to visit. Every place is known for some unique specialties and interests like Ranthambore known for Jungle safaris, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer for desert experiences, Agra for the beauty, the Pink City Jaipur for heritage, Bharatpur for natural attractions, etc many more known for something special. So never try to miss any tour excursions.

All these memories and things you did with the Palace on Wheels will last forever as the most remarkable days in your life.


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