Is Hong Kong as Beautiful as Advertised?


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There’s no shortage of compliments wherever Hong Kong is mentioned across the online realm with many buzzing in their praise of the city that has come to be known as the “Pearl of the Orient”. Hong Kong has gained numerous admirers over the years but is it truly as beautiful as advertised? If you are on the fence about this, the following revelations will certainly shove you to the right side:

1) A skyline that puts New York to shame
While the American city has about 800 skyscrapers decorating its skies, its Asian counterpart betters that tally by more than 500. Consequently, it blows out of the water the “Big Apple”- and many other major cities across the globe- in terms of skyline prowess presenting a jungle of peering towers that have become the gold standard of the modern age. The magnificent display is complemented by lovely rows of stores, cafes, and restaurants culminating in the urban decadence that is the Internal Commerce Center.

2) Divine nature that goes toe to toe with its architectural prowess
You might think that a city recognized for its ingenious combination of glass, steel, and concrete should naturally have scarce to offer in unadulterated nature but the opposite is, in fact, the case. Availing idyllic beaches atop an enticing coastline strutting present-age buildings, mother nature takes up the bread crumbs of occupancy providing plenty of hiking trails, turquoise waters, ancient mountains and lush vegetation to look forward to.

3) There is a reason why it’s called the “Paris of Asia”
Light shows echo across the nighttime sky providing Hong Kong with a dark beauty that you’d run out of words to describe. The Symphony of lights is a stand out highlight in this regard providing astonishing fiery displays to match the dazzling cityscape that truly comes alive when the sun takes its leave. Aside from alluring visuals, the night is also characterized by a city that’s always awake availing cafes, restaurants and various attractions that serve up delights until the morning light.

4) A shopping scene that is unrivaled
Hong Kong has amassed a reputation as the shopping mecca of the world with its lineup of shops, markets and world-class malls providing all sorts of souvenirs, trinkets, luxury fashion, teaware and antiques to tickle the taste buds of shopaholics everywhere. The city is like a Rubik’s cube of shopping treasures which can literally be found wherever you turn.

5) We have Hong Kong to thank for Tui Na
You might not know what that is but it’s highly likely you’ve heard of it or maybe even had one. Tui Na, otherwise known as a traditional Hong Kong massage, is therapy originating from Chinese tradition and its one famous for its mental and physiological benefits. From keeping arthritis in check to assisting patients with irritable bowel syndrome, Tui Na is popular on a global scale and it alone is worthy of putting the cradle city on the map.

Final verdict
Back to our question of the day: Is Hong Kong as beautiful as advertised? Well, the answer to that is a firm yes and the reasons are quite obvious. The jewel of Asia lives up to the lovely image painted across tabloids.


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