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The largest of the Canary Islands; Tenerife is the striking grandeur dame in the archipelago familia. The territory is so beautiful that it allures almost 10 million tourists every year all around the year. The home to capital city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the island has a diverse and vast collection of landmarks and natural sites that will compel a nature loving person to be there for once. The most astonishing top 10 Tenerife attractions are given below that will blow your mind by their charm. The list is not from most to least visited but all of these attractions are evenly popular among tourists. 
1.Guimar Pyramids: ‘Pyramids of Egypt’ to Tenerife, the Pyramids of Guimar are six rectangular pyramid- shaped terraced structures that were built from lava stone. The site serves as an interesting point for the people who love to know about history and geology. Guimar Pyramids are situated in the city of Guimar and are an impressive sight especially since they were constructed without the use of mortar. Situated in the center of a large archaeological site that include a small museums too; these pyramids enlightened the history of Spain and Guimar city. The structures dated back to the 19th century and are visited by thousands of people every day. 

2.Los Gigantes Cliffs: This natural landmark is 1,600 feet high, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. To sightsee the cliffs up close, visitors can either take a boat ride or reach nearby oceanfront restaurants. Replete of splendor, this magnificent spot is a must see place.

3.Teide National Park: Tenerife is blessed with natural views and landscapes; Teide National Park being one of them. Every visitor to Tenerife needs to visit this mesmeric park around Mount Teide. The park has number of trails alongside unique landscape that makes your walk or hike super beautiful. The main attraction in the park is the availability of cable car that goes from the main parking lot to the top of the Hill Teide. This mount is the highest mountain in Spain and serves as one of the best attraction to visit for the tourists.  

4.Parque Rural de Anaga:  Parque Rural de Anaga is a very large park encompassing dense woods and mountainsides as well. It is the very right spot to grasp the glory of the territory and to indulge in some activity. Do hiking to see the scarce innate animals.

5.Loro Parque: If you are travelling with kids then Loro Parque is a must to go because this place features wildlife that is located outside of Santa Cruz. The park has a wide variety of flora and fauna making it more greener and attractive to the viewers. Parrots are the specialty of Loro Parque. This zoo is all green and fresh and will refresh your mood as well. Other main attractions in Loro Parque feature sea lions, tigers, alligators, whales and chimpanzees.

6.Playa de Las Teresitas: Tenerife is quite a city of beaches that are situated over the 400 km of coastline, 10 of which have been rewarded with the Blue Flag Status. Lying on the edge of Atlantic Ocean, Playa de Las Teresitas is formed using the sand of worldwide famous Sahara desert. It is one of its own kinds since this beach is the solely one without having black sand. Do swimming or several other activities being offered at the site. Furthermore, mouthwatering food is offered here with myriad amenities.

7.Costa Martianez: also known as Puerto de la Cruz, Costa Martianez is a popular site among tourists. The breathtaking surrounding of this lovely site is the perfect place to relax. It accouters lovely big pools with clean and clear water. It endeavors plenty of space to sunbath, food places, bars and a lot more. Costa Martianez can be entered with a ticket of 30 euros but visitors are then permitted to spend as much time as they want. Variety of pools and sun loungers are available for the visitors making it more convenient for the visitors to fun around.

8.Whale Show: when you get tired of all the watching and sunbathing at the beaches and want to experience something fun then nothing would work better than the Whale and Dolphin Show. A whale watching tour off the coast of South West Tenerife is one of the best ways to see whales and dolphins in their natural habitat. Risso dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, Sperm whales, pilot Whales and many more including Striped Dolphin, Mike Whale and Killer Whales can be seen in the waters around canary island. Having a sight of some turtle, osprey, sharks and kestrels will also be a no surprise. 

9.Museum of Science and Cosmo: Museum of Science and Cosmo in La Laguna is one of the most prominent museums of Spain and surely deserves a visit. The museum keeps many secrets of the past and will reveal how the things worked in the primeval times. It will take you back to hundreds of years ago and divulge the science and scientific methods used in the past. This museum enquires into the world of science and astronomy combining traditional museum exhibitions with many of the interesting aspects including interactive displays, astronomy evenings, a planetarium and fun activities for all age groups. 

10.Siam Park: completing our list without mentioning Siam Park in the top attractions of Tenerife would be unjust because this park is just amazing. Tenerife is all about beaches, waters, playing and having fun with family and kids; this place is just another like its companion attractions, bestowing loads of fun. Siam Park is a Thai- themed aquatic park that serves as a playground of water- slides and adrenalin- pumping rides. This park is Tenerife’s biggest and best theme park with beautiful stuff all around. Thrills and spills will be all along with you so visit this water park before returning home to have one more beautiful memory while being in Tenerife.


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