Most Useful Household Items in Daily Life


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I then curate the tips to share only the best of the best for each product. You’ll find clever appliances and other useful household products that make life easier in the home. In alphabetical order you will find, according to the Internet and me, here are 9 most useful household products:

Baby powder:
• Sprinkle on intricate jewelry to extract knots.
• Put talcum on your hairbrush and brush into your roots as a dry shampoo.
• Dust into old-fashioned smelling books to freshen her scent.
• Leave around doors or windows to ward off ants.

Coconut oil:
• Remove price residue by rubbing a 50-50 blend of coconut oil and baking soda into the problem area.
• Cast-iron pans of the season: The thick consistency is easy to process and holds well.
• Try it as a cheap, natural moisturizer. Bonus: Some people love the smell.

Emery boards:
• Use emery boards to grind small items such as knives, tweezers, and sewing machine needles.
• Remove stains on suede shoes, clothing, and more by gently wiping them with a sandpaper board.
• If your sweaters are pilling, try dragging a sanding board over the small bumps to remove them.

Baking soda:
• We know you have to put a box in the fridge, but sprinkling baking soda into a stinking basket will help with odors.
• Use it to scrub the grill of your barbecue grill.
• One study found that a solution for baking soda was the most effective method of washing out pesticides from the product.

• We all know that taking away a lemon zest through your waste collection refreshes the smell, but did you know that lemons can also deodorize your microwave? Tap a bowl of water and half a lemon for five minutes.
• The acid in lemon juice is also suitable for cutting soap foam on shower doors and other bathroom surfaces.
• Remove coffee and tea stains from the cups by filling them with lemon peel and warm water and allowing soaking.

Clear nail polish:
• Women have been using it for years to stop runs in their stockings, but it also prevents buttons from decoding. Just dab a tiny drop on the loose thread in the middle of the button.
• Make cheap jewelry so your skin does not turn green.
• Handwritten labels with a coating to wipe them off.

• If you have water rings on your wood furniture, Bob Vila himself says that a legitimate way is to dab some mayonnaise, sit for an hour, and then wipe it with a soft cloth. Repeat as necessary.
• This slippery spice is also effective for removing gum from your hair.
Others swear by mayonnaise, which is rich in oils to heal hangnails.

• Yes, yes, we in the newspaper industry know the birdcage liners. , , but did you know that you can shine dark shoes by rubbing them quickly with bloated newspaper?
• Make newspaper balls, sprinkle them with water and fill them in your fridge to absorb bad odors.
• The Oregon State Extension Service says it can ripen faster by wrapping green tomatoes in newspapers. Make sure you wash before eating – and read this article before packing!

• If you drop a penny and pinch of pre-1982 sugar into a vase, flowers will last longer as copper acts as a fungicide.
• Check the tread depth of your tire by placing Lincoln upside down in the tread.
• Pennies can also stabilize tilting tables and other furniture. I have a small fountain in my garden, and the installer put a few pennies between the basin and pedestal to level it.


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