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Fragrances are quite tricky compositions created with great care and thoughtfulness. You can smell marvelous if used in the right way, regardless of the type of perfume used. One must understand that the composition of the perfume is not the only one affecting the scent.

Several other aspects are into play that can either make you the most attractive person in the room or make you disappear completely. We spend hundreds and thousands on finding that ideal perfume, trying out scents used by friends or someone you know in office popular for their fragrance.

However, we never try to understand the reason behind it, which can have a very important role in making you smell amazing.

Understanding The Skin:

A fragrance behaves like a living organism that comes alive when it touches your skin. You will be able to identify the notes better understanding their depth as the perfume molecules break after coming in contact with the skin.

People spray perfumes on their clothes, which is okay to good but will not make you smell outstanding. In your search for perfect fragrance, you should first understand your skin and purchase a perfume accordingly. 

Oily skin contains enough moisture to hold the perfume molecules on the skin. Hence, the fragrance stays on the longest. While on the other hand, people with dry skin face problems in making their perfume last more than 2-3 hours. Their skin is devoid of essential moisture or sebum allowing perfume molecules to adhere.

For a long-lasting fragrance, you should choose a perfume according to your skin type. For oily skin, you can use any perfume & it will work great.

For normal skin, you will need a single layer of moisture preferably unscented kind to make a perfume last longer and for dry skin, you will need to drink a lot of water throughout the day and apply at least two layers of moisture for making your perfume smell good or last longer.

Notes According To Your Body Chemistry:

A perfume can smell different on people due to body chemistry too. This is because of your DNA and pheromones. If you are habitual of purchasing a scent by smelling it on others, you might end up with a fragrance that does not give similar results.

It will smell completely off and different when applied on your skin. Instead of purchasing a perfume blindly, one must try them on the skin. This habit of perfume trial can help you in finding that ideal scent that goes well with your DNA and pheromones.

Moreover, certain chemicals in perfumes can make some users experience severe migraine-like headaches, while others can go about their day normally with the same perfume. This can happen when you have sensitive olfactory senses or maybe your body is not reacting well with those notes or chemical composition of the fragrance.

Body chemistry plays a major role in deciding the results of your scent; hence, it is wise to keep it in mind while purchasing one. Composition of the perfume can affect its performance, smell, and life on you, but keeping other aspects in mind, you can make it work on you. Do remember to keep the skin type and body chemistry in view while purchasing your next fragrance.

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