The Art of Candid Wedding Photography, the Expert way!


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Candid photographs have become an integral part of any wedding shoot as the photographer captures some of the most precious moments in their raw form. It would be safe to say that candid wedding photography is an art and the professional with a lens has to be passionate to master this art. As the Best candid wedding photographers in delhi here we share some of our secrets with you.

  • Be present at pre-ceremony preps: 

Some of the best candid moments can be captured when the bride and the groom are getting ready. There is mix of excitement, love and anxiousness in the air and your lens should capture it well. It is good to be at a distance and capture the most natural reactions rather than orchestrating the poses.

  • Don’t ignore the wedding party: The parents, bridesmaids, groomsmen, kids, relatives – all are a source of unlimited excitement during a wedding. Skilled candid photographers in delhi will always be on their toes to capture those sudden burst of laughter, the huddle of the bridesmaids, the quit kiss that the mother gives, the spontaneous dance moves and much more. They add a touch of uniqueness to the photos.

  • Have an eye for emotions: What is candid wedding photography if it does not highlight emotions? As photographers we want our candid photos to tell a story, reflect an emotion years after the wedding has taken place. The tears, the giggles, the pulling of leg, the outpouring of blessings, the blushing bride and smart groom – all these moments are the real essence of a wedding which the photographer should never ignore.

  • Explore different angles: Candid pictures are not just about the moment but how creatively you capture them. Being the Best candid wedding photographers in delhi we explore different angles and efforts to make candid images more interesting. The bride in a mirror reflection, the dancing couple through a screen, aerial shots and the various other angles can really bring depth and beauty to a common shot.

  • Expect the unexpected: Candid pictures are all about expecting the unexpected. You really don’t know when a beautiful moment will unfold and thus you as photographers need to be ready all the time. Have an assistant photographer along side you and be present at all places to never miss a precious memory.

One can only become a top notch candid wedding photographer by practice and creativity. Take time and challenge yourself to be better with every project.


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