The SEO trends of 2022: Here are the 9 Main Trends


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New algorithms, attention to the local, and focus on user experience are among the key points of an effective SEO strategy. Each new year brings new SEO techniques and challenges for those who have to study the best marketing strategies for the months to come. The SEO universe is incredibly dynamic. Therefore, it is essential to keep up with the times constantly, to know in advance the tactics that will work and will lead to significant advantages in terms of page ranking and positioning in the SERP. The SEO trends of 2020 are divided between evergreen rules to be respected and growing news to be monitored carefully to optimize your website or that of your customers.

Let’s find out together what are the new SEO trends for 2022.

One of the main novelties in the SEO panorama concerns the introduction of the new Google algorithm, Bert, an acronym for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformer, the latest revolution, capable of processing the natural language in an extremely advanced way, analyzing the individual words of the query of research in their context and deliver incredibly precise and accurate outputs. In SEO Trends terms, hyper-technical tricks aimed at better positioning are working less and less in favor of quality and useful content for the end user. Google Bert does not require a particular SEO optimization Service but an ever more marked ability to respond accurately to end users’ requests, together with a thorough study of the needs of its target that allows you always to propose consistent and interesting themes. The focus is, therefore, to be placed on communication that is as natural as possible and designed with the users’ research intent in mind.

SEO Trends: Featured Snippet

One of Google’s goals is to provide more and more information directly in the SERP. More than half of the searches have become zero-click searches; the user’s request is increasingly given a reply directly in the SERP itself, without clicking on any link. One way to stand out is to work a lot on Rich Snippets and Featured snippets. The Featured Snippets, increasingly relevant, consist of a block of the information shown at the top of a SERP. They represent a special way to be more visible and authoritative among the results. The percentage of clicks through the featured snippet now exceeds 50% of the total searches. The Rich Snippets are snippets that, in addition to the title and description, show pictures, prices, and reviews for stars: they are easier to get but lead to improvements in the lower CTR Featured Snippet. The first step to obtaining these types of results is to ensure that your website’s data is structured, to transmit clear and relevant information to the search engines, help them understand the requests, and generate consistent outputs. The data must therefore be structured in an optimal way to highlight not only what content is present on a page but what relationship there is between them and what link is present between the different pages of a site.

Voice searches

In a world increasingly characterized by voice assistants such as Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, and Siri, voice searches have become an essential focus on which to focus. Now becoming a real trend, they allow users to obtain information innovatively, even when they cannot type on a keyboard. Nowadays, voice searches are carried out via smartphone and through more and more devices that accompany the user in the most different moments of the day. An example is a support for voice search for home use, often with speakers integrated and connected to the home wifi network, which greatly simplifies the life of those who want to search without necessarily being in front of their PC. In addition, voice research integrated into automotive systems, such as the Apple Carplay and Android Auto systems, which aim to minimize distractions while driving and maximize safety and comfort, is useful.

Local SEO

Local SEO comes into play in a predominant way when users search for products or services related to a specific territory. Anyone with a physical store will have to take local SEO, a fundamental point of the strategy, into high consideration when you want potential customers to find their own business. Google MyBusiness is a service that certainly helps a lot from this point of view: taking care of the personalization of MyBusiness in a precise way allows you to be much more visible among the search results, with evident positive repercussions on your business. In addition, a feature of local SEO is the enormous usefulness of having as many backlinks as deemed locally authoritative by Google.

User Experience

One trend that an SEO professional should undoubtedly focus on in 2020 is the user experience. This includes the entire user experience starting from the initial interaction in the SERP to the navigation through the pages of a website. All phases of this interaction must be immediate and simple for the user, for whom it is important to find highly accessible information and to navigate fluidly from one content to another within the same site. It is therefore good to plan the structure of your web space globally and accurately, to make it coherent in its tree structure, and to equip it with pleasant and usable graphic and textual elements: from the simple typographic aspect to the links, up to a pleasant color scheme, adapted to the target and aimed at the most positive online experience.

Link building and brand building

To obtain quality links in 2020, it is necessary to focus on creating content respecting some three types of writing, such as drafting of content planned for recurring events, such as black Friday, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day r reactive Edizioni planned linked to a seasonal event, which is expected to take shape, but you do not know the story until the moment when you actually take placee. As it increases, the chances that they share links and talk about the brand proportionally increase, guaranteeing positive advertising. In addition to creating content that helps to rank, those who do SEO should therefore build links that push the brand upwards, strengthen it and generate an authoritativeness that inspires full confidence in potential customers.

Google EAT
The abbreviation EAT stands for experience (authority), authority (authoritativeness), and credibility (trustworthiness), three parameters considered essential by Google’s quality raters to position a website. The EAT method indicates whether a website is valid and provides guidelines to be followed to make it so.The three mentioned above are not the only factors to consider when creating content for a website but should be kept in mind for a detailed evaluation. The EAT parameters are mainly applied to websites that deal with finance and medicine, topics to which Google pays particular attention to avoid that inadequate or poor quality content may negatively impact the health or the portfolios of its users.

Video content

Video content will continue to be a growing trend also in 2020. Current internet users, especially younger ones, use videos as their preferred channel for acquiring information. YouTube, for example, is the second largest search engine after Google and has become a new TV. At the same time, many users prefer to collect information on a service or company through short videos rather than articles, e-books, or infographics. The choice to create video content is therefore successful also in 2020, and it is important to use this communication tool adapting it to the different channels on which it can be shared: depending on the target and the marketing objective, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube are preferred or Vimeo or even Tik Tok. The visibility of the business will be guaranteed not only in the platforms on which the video is present but also in the organic search results: to promote a company, a product, or its brand, appear on Google Search, Google Images, or Google Discover with an engaging user experience, it can be a truly winning strategy.


To minimize wasted time and optimize productivity, an excellent aim for 2020 is to take advantage of programming languages ​​such as Python. The time saved by using the efficient SEO automation that can be generated allows you to focus on other fundamental aspects of your marketing strategy, such as:

  • We are creating a great user experience.
  • The planning of effective storytelling.
  • The construction of authority.
  • The provision of adequate and timely responses to the reference market.
  • The creation of user-friendly content simply and engagingly.
  • Harnessing the power of automation and making longer or complex processes easily. manageable is one of the winning strategies for 2020.

The main trends of 2020 are dynamics in continuous evolution: the SEO universe is often too fast and constantly innovating to be pigeonholed in pre-packaged rules. The basic strategy of a good SEO expert is, therefore, only one: constantly updating and with curiosity.


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