Top 17 Ways to Increase Website Ranking In Google 2019


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Google is the number one search engine and it is mostly used to manage all content on the Internet. But as the content provider, it is difficult for the website owner to get traffic to his website. The situation can get more traffic to Google, then on the second page or even the last entry on the first page. Site status in Google is now a big problem. As a result many people are searching for tricks or to ignore any hacks and big picture for SEO. You need both. Your SEO (and business) tactics is important as a SEO strategy. There are over 200 SEO factors that go into ranking, but here are some of the more important SEO factors I’ve experienced, both tactical and strategic. You like it and it will help you to increase your online business.

Ways to increase the status of a site in Google

Update site regularly

When you start a website and post the article or content in the beginning or the beginning, then you leave it on your own. It shows to the search engine that your website is not making new stuff, so it is old they show you another website whose websites are regularly updated with new and relevant content. On average, you have to post at least 1-2 posts every day to start and maintain a good niche website.

Before you start writing your blog post or your website’s content, you will have to give some time to research about it that you are planning to write it, this will help you get accurate statistics about it. How much of the visitor involved in that kind of content. Unique content that will be easy to achieve high ranking on Google. You have to research the keyword that you want to rank higher in Google. You can use Google Keyword Planner tool as well as use the keyword suggestions tool to get more keywords. Suggestions related to your content you can also check your keyword status in Google, which helps you track in your keywords in real-time.

Do not copy content

In each SEO case you must have content unique and original. The end content is the king, the content of your website should be unique and not copied from other websites, and this can lead to future problems of copy writing. Rather use your content. Then your time and effect are wasting to copy the content of others. Like Google, search engines track copy content and your website can be doled out to copy content from other websites. Check the content of the website that allows you to check plagiarism, plagiarism tool. It shows you how unique your content is and how many copies have been made from other websites. You can also use the Article Spinner Tool to remove some plagiarism from content. It will replace some words with the same. Meaning but it leads to many punctuation marks. After using this tool it will be recommended to manually check it again.

Faster Website Speed

Now one day, Google Website is optimizing their search results according to the load speed. This is a new and growing criteria for giving a great experience to the user. If your website loads faster, then more traffic and higher rankings will be given to other websites. You can check your website speed with the website page speed checker. This will show you the results of the speed of loading your website.

Mobile friendly

As the new generations of tools are spreading, users want to see it and get knowledge from their phones. Google also optimizes its search algorithm for that type of user. If you have a mobile friendly website, then it will rank higher than other mobile-friendly websites. You can use the Screen Resolution Simulator to check that your websites look differently in screen sizing; it will give you an idea of how users or visitors will see your webpage.

Submit your sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools

Sitemaps are very important for any website. It’s a collection of URLs and links to all the websites that can be easily submitted to Google search engines to index them fast. You can use the XML Sitemap Generator Free Tool to create and present your website sitemap. You can download .xml file. It’s easy to use and simple.

Only relevant outgoing links

Make sure that if you do not use the rel = “nofollow” attribute to link to that website, then it creates a relevant link to the content of your site, it tells the search engine that this link is related to my website is not there.

Get your rights

Each of your page titles should be unique and contain your targeted keyword. It enhances the possibilities of high rank. It is recommended to hold 50-60 letters in the title for complete representation in Google results. You can use Character Counter Tool to check the length of the title.

Increase your Alexa rank

Alexa Ranking is not a major factor, but focusing on better ranking in search engines is also a good job.

Use friendly URL

Urals are the main factors in the search engine for high rank. With the help of your keyword in the Url, you can increase your chances of being ranked higher.

Good internal linking

Making a good internal linking is very useful. This adds the user to the website for more time. You can analyze the internal linking of your website that can help you get the full report of your website.

Update broken links

If there are some errors in indexing in Google, you need to find and update your backlinks. You can check the website link by Broken Link Finder Free Tool.

Post quality on quantity

You have to post the quality post, after which you have to focus on the number of posts that lead to spam, while creating a large number of pages with less content in it. You can check your web page in text ratio, the higher the text ratio, the more attractively it will be. Reads the content.

Good On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO helps search engines to get easy and concise content in a systematic format. It contains an all tag in the very image tag because search engines cannot read image files, so they get alt tag text to separate image and index. It is more like h1 tags, Meta tags etc. You can analyze your Meta tags for better on-page SEO. Auto Generated Meta Tools, which can help you generate simple and simple code.

Backlinks from high quality websites

Good quality backlinks always increase your ranking in Alexa as well as in the Google search engine. You should target the backlinks of quality and related website only. You can check your backlinks using the free backlink checker tool. And Free Backlink Generator can also help you get basic beginner backlinking.

Good Meta Description

To keep a good custom Meta description, you will be able to give a small introduction to what is in that webpage and what a webpage is. You can help to analyze your Meta tags for better on-page SEO. Auto-generated Meta Tools, which can help you, generate easy and simple code.

Use ping tools for faster indexes

It works to quickly index your new webpage in Google. Because it puts your web page in different URLs, your content search engine increases the likelihood of being indexed. You can use the free fast index ping tool for quick indices. Just ping it through this tool for every new content you have, and your page will be indexed quickly. This is the best way that many of my bloggers are responding rapidly.


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