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Every marketer is taking the high road to success these days as becoming famous online is more of a necessity than a desire. Every business is aiming towards generating massive amounts of leads through online platforms. I don’t blame them, as everything is going to get digitalized in a few years. So, it’s better to start now than later. Apart from social media platforms, there is one great website that every marketer should be a part of. This website is known for boosting traffic, increasing rankings and building a credible online presence. This website is none other than Wikipedia.

With 35.146 million users, Wikipedia is the fastest growing online encyclopedia that possesses an unbeatable potential. It encourages collaborative learning through anonymous edits on the content that gets published. These edits are made on your content by numerous editors worldwide. Which means, your content can get read and edited by someone in Australia, Iceland or even Finland. How amazing is that right?

Moreover, it provides a podium to make educational, learning and knowledge-based contributions. Wikipedia does not support promotional activities. It only allows expert writers to generate high-quality articles, research papers and biographies for a non-expert audience.

However, Wikipedia is quite serious about its policies and procedures. No new startup can get an article up here without facing immediate deletion. Many businesses do seek hiring writers from various professional Wikipedia writers. No matter what the case, it’s will always be a learning process for you and your writer. Read on this blog to and follow some helpful tips to gain rapid recognition.

1: Never Write your Article

To publish a high-quality article on Wikipedia, you must have a plan. If you are a novice, planning on writing an article yourself, then it’s a no go. First of all, you would need to make sure your website is notable, having a reputable brand image in the market. Next, it’s advisable to invest some budget in hiring a professional writer. An expert writer hired from professional Wikipedia page creation services knows how to follow all editorial guidelines.

Moreover, if you are an artist then try reading artists content already published here.  It will help you get an idea of different tonality and style of writing. Get some artist friends to help you out who have already gotten their articles published on Wikipedia. Walk them through your plans, ideas and intuitions that you wish to highlight through your article.

02: Beware of Plagiarism

If you are getting someone else to create your content, then keep tracking their performance from time to time. Wikipedia hates plagiarized content. It immediately takes down any content that is copy-pasted. Every word published must be creatively written and must speak originality. With 576 articles uploaded each day, Wikipedia checks plagiarism for every one if it.

Now you may find many hoax websites, offering inadequate services. Some might even take your money and flee from your sight. To avoid frauds, conduct proper interviews where you can probe relevant questions regarding tools used to proofread content. If the respondent has no clue about any means, then it’s better to move on to the next service.

03: Don’t put Fancy Promotional Statements

Wikipedia discourages the use of promotional or advisory statements. With the help of bots or human reviews, Wikipedia removes any content displaying promotional campaigns or marketing activities. Wikipedia is a website meant to cater to non-expert audience with factual base content. You can refer to social media websites for deploying marketing strategies. But as far as Wikipedia is concerned, providing information that somehow triggers consumers purchase decisions will get your article near the deletion list in no time. Some best Wikipedia writing offering expert writers can be useful in this regard.

04: Nail the Art of Neutrality

If you are planning on creating an article about yourself, then you would be required to publish biographies. Please don’t do it on your own. Get yourself a professional writer who would know how to strike a balance between all your strengths and weaknesses. An artist creating an article on his own might fall into the temptation of bragging. The more you flatter yourself through your content, the more closely you are bringing the article towards deletion. Therefore, it’s crucial to list out some weaknesses as well.

05: Always Cite

One must always include all relevant citations from third party sources. It would help if you prioritized your audience here. You need to provide those links to additional sources that could prove to be beneficial for their research in the long run. Moreover, Wikipedia also doesn’t approve content that doesn’t include any citations. Thus, it’s mandatory to cite all sources.

Take Away

If you feel your website isn’t notable at the moment, then don’t lose hope. Start preparing yourself from today. Wikipedia goes through 4.35M edits each days, so start by making small edits.  You can get many examples of numerous websites who started from nowhere but have gained massive popularity, all by virtue of Wikipedia. So, if you are a newbie have faith in yourself and Good Luck!

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