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Everyone wants quick and easy ways to get everyone to let you guest post on their site. Guest posting is basically writing and publishing an article on someone else’s site or blog. It is at times considered to be bad because it’s got too many spams and gets overlooked on the fact that guest posts can still be a great tool for any business. It can be either paid or unpaid depending upon the site and your efforts on the content.

Guest blogging is a great source for having exposure, branding, increasing reach, getting known in the community, etc. Guest blog posts put your brand/company name in front of an already established readers’ community who may not be familiar with you and/or what you offer and do not necessarily need to have your own website or following to be recognized. It creates a win-win situation when done correctly- you get your own audience, get recognized and you are able to borrow someone else’s audience while providing them the content they need to keep their blog unique, interesting and relevant.

Make sure you show them that you are paying attention to the instructions they have taken the time to put together for you and you are willing to follow them properly.

There is a reason they want guest posts handled in a certain way and you were chosen for it should be respected. The post you send should be relevant and satisfies the readers, that’s what makes the site proud of having you as their guest blogger, because, of course, they are concerned about their reputation and not your promotion which indeed depends on you.

These just are some basic step to make your guest posts better, the tactics for more chances to get accepted are:

You should know something about the blogger.
This gives an opportunity to you to learn about them. And them to know who you are before they let you pitch them. Read their other blogs for better ideas on how they write, what topics they seem to cover in general, how in-depth/brief they are so that when you make your pitch, you can refer to the different ways that you have noticed and learned about their interests and what or how to write for it when they get in touch with you.

2. Now interact with them by commenting something meaningful or asking a few questions about that write-up, showing that you are genuinely interested in their work and a keen observer you are and that might catch their attention easily.

3. Make your pitch specific by telling the blogger what you want to exactly cover with your post. Guest For example, “I want to teach your readers about how they can start their own e-commerce business.” You do not want to be ambiguous or leave the blogger wondering what you really want to write about. Giving a title of the post is not enough; you need to be specific about what to include in the title as well as the content.

4. Explain the benefits of your post, if it has no benefit to the readers of the site/ blog then why should they post it. You need to explain how the post is relevant; do not expect them to make the connection just like that.

5. Make your pitch brief and accurate because popular bloggers receive a lot of pitches and obviously they do not have a lot of time to read them which are of the length of an essay. Show them that you have respect for their valued time and opportunity to read it. By staying brief, you allow the blogger to think of a few of their own ideas they can add to the pitch for enhancement. This could help your post to get accepted more likely.

6. Do not produce mass pitch, i.e. do not ‘cc’ it to every site/ blog you’re trying for.

7. Do not overly use buzzwords because when you use jargon and buzzwords, you detract from what you are really trying to accomplish. Your idea should be straightforward.

8. Do not be overly persistent. If you are obnoxious about following up and frequently contact them, you are less likely to build a positive relationship. Give them time to respond, there are hundreds of pitches with them and make sure you always follow the contract guidelines.

Now keep in mind that there are some blogs, including many of the blogs on their list that have the content that is just what they want and will approve yours as long as they are half decent. In fact, if not even some of above steps given are not used the write up becomes irrelevant to them. But for the most part, if you follow the few steps above you will find yourself guest posting for some really awesome publications and you’ll have increased rankings.

If you don’t really have any samples, give them the best piece from your own blog r something you have written and you have full confidence about it’ll work. You do have to prove that you can write or they most likely won’t let you write for their blog. Thus a few points to remember and you’re all set for making guest posts on different sites/ bogs and be renowned fro your hard work.

Tom Matlack
Tom Matlack
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