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When you decide to register yourself for the Compliant Pen Test+ certification exam, there are some factors which can lead to you failing the exam in the first attempt.

Most of them are related to the program or preparation material you use to help you prepare for the exam.

You can find several programs online that can help you pass the CompTIA Dumps in the first attempt, or at least they claim to do the same.

Since you will spend hundreds of dollars on such programs, you will rely entirely on them to make sure you pass the exam.

Just passing the exam is not always the motive of the majority of candidates. They want to pass it in the first attempt.

There might be multiple reasons behind them emphasizing a lot on passing the exam in the first attempt.

Major ones are to save the time and money which they will have to spend once they fail the exam the first time around.

The CompTIA PenTest+ certification exam can cost from $100 to $1,000. So you have to pay the registration fee every time you fail the exam and plan to attempt it again.

All the programs available online are meant to save the additional cost that you have to bear once you fail the exam in the first attempt.

So the primary purpose of the programs is to make sure you pass the exam in the first attempt. There is no need for any program which is not meant to make sure that you don’t have to attempt the exam multiple times.

Since the demand for such programs has increased in recent time, the number of such programs available online have increased drastically as well.

So now you also have the challenge of choosing a program which can guarantee you success in the first attempt.

After evaluating the different programs, there was only one program that stood out from the rest of the competition.

They have designed their program to make sure that you pass the exam in the first attempt. So let’s discuss the features of the program offered by CompTIA which helps them stand out from the competitors.

CompTIA PenTest+ are offering their program in two different formats which are as follows:

  • Practice Exam Software
  • Preparation material in PDF format
  1. Practice Exam Software:

After thorough research of the target market, CompTIA PenTest+ realized that people are looking for an advanced solution to help them pass the certification exam in the first attempt.

To make sure they achieve the desired results with the help of their program, they designed a one of a kind solution which they call the Practice Exam Software.

The Practice Exam Software focuses on eliminating a lot of factors which can potentially lead to the failure of a candidate in the CompTIA PenTest+ certification exam in the first attempt.

They were able to achieve it with the implementation of the following features:

  1. Mock Exam:

The Practice Exam Software allows you to attempt a mock exam which is designed exactly like the CompTIA PenTest+ certification exam.

It includes questions which are relevant and similar to the ones which you will have to attempt in the actual exam.

The format and time allowed are also the same. It will help you to prepare yourself the best as you can for the real exam.

  1. Consultancy from thousands of professionals:

It was extremely important for CompTIA to include only those questions in their program which are relevant and similar to the actual exam’s questions.

In order to make sure that they don’t leave any room for error in this area, they consulted more than 90,000 professionals from all around the world.

Since these professionals were more than qualified and experienced in this field, their job was to choose the questions and topics which are most likely to be in the final exam.

They are the reason why this program is more effective than all the other ones available in the market.

  1. Tracking progression:

The Practice Exam Software will also track your progression by saving the data of your mistakes and changes that you will make from your previous attempts of the mock exam.

If you are making the same mistake in a particular area, the software will identify and highlight that for you so that you can work on it more to make sure that you won’t make the same mistake in the final exam.

  1. Simulating real exam environment:

Since the mock exam is designed to be extremely similar to the actual exam, it will simulate the real exam environment.

Now you might be thinking why that is important, right? Well, it is important because there are a lot of candidates who fail the certification exam in the first attempt because of the pressure they feel of the exam environment.

It’s a very common phenomenon of not feeling comfortable with an environment which you are facing for the first time, and also you have the pressure of passing the exam in the first attempt.

So the software will help you feel a lot more comfortable and confident when you appear to attempt the CompTIA PenTest+ certification exam.

  1. Preparation material in PDF format:

For the clients who don’t need an advanced solution and just require a program which is easily accessible and relevant to the real exam, CompTIA PenTest+ Certification are offering them preparation material which comes in the PDF format.

Because of the PDF format, they can easily access the preparation material anytime and anywhere even on their mobile phones.

CompTIA PenTest+ used the help of the same thousand of professionals to include only the relevant and similar questions in this format of their program.

The PDF format is also portable and printable. So you get a lot of additional benefits because of this format.

So these were the features of the program offered by CompTIA PenTest+ which has allowed them to be the best solution provider in the market.

They are even providing a money back guarantee to their clients of passing the CompTIA certification exam in the first attempt.

So that should help you make your decision about buying their program or not. If you have any queries, you can download and use a free trial version of the program.


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