Search engine optimization is a dynamic field that keeps evolving with each passing day. Every company tries to comprehend the algorithm of search engines to ace the ranking process and leave their competitors behind. 

However, to get proper knowledge of ever-evolving ranking determinants and factors isn’t a cakewalk. This is the reason why many companies assign their SEO to SEO consultants in Delhi and other cities.

Although, you can also work on your website’s SEO by keeping a regular check on the major ranking factors and implementing the strategies according to them. So, let’s move to the list of main ranking factors that will influence your website SEO in 2019:

  1. Content Quality:

Content has always been the main block of the puzzle called SEO. Content is the major element that attracts the audience as well as retains them. The websites that serve in-depth and interesting content covering a broad area of its relative subjects would seldom face any ranking issues. 

Remember that, in content, the quality will always dominate the quantity. So, focus more on the worth of your content, not on the word count. When talking about content length, longer and more comprehensive content pieces achieves higher ranking as compared to shorter ones. Your content should have keywords, and it should be accurate yet entertaining to get better ranking.

  1. Mobile Friendliness: 

Nowadays, people are shifting from their desktops to mobiles as all the features which were once found only in desktops are now also available in smartphones. Due to this, search engines are giving importance to mobile users and their convenience. This makes mobile-friendliness a major determinant of your search engine ranking in this year. 

Google’s mobile-first index is now a new trend which means that it’s giving priority to mobile-optimized sites while drawing the search results. Hence, an ideal website should be responsive and should contain easy-to-read fonts so that people can use it easily in their phones. You can hire Justgoweb Digital to get proper guidance for making your site mobile-friendly. 

  1. Freshness: 

Freshness is the main factor that highly influences your search engine ranking. It’s the duty of Google to provide the most accurate results to enhance the user’s experience. To ensure accuracy, Google provides higher ranks to the freshest content pieces so that users can get the most recent information about any topic.

This is the reason why Google gives priority to fresh articles over the out-dated ones. As you know, competition is increasing rapidly, and there are thousands of other alternatives for any content piece. Which means you should keep updating your content regularly to ensure freshness. You can also update the same blogs/articles with little bit changes to enhance the ranking.

  1. Backlinks:

Backlinks are still one of the strongest ranking factors in Google’s search algorithm. The websites that have more links from multiple high-authority domains have better chances to rank well for their keywords. 

However, you should pay close attention to the websites that are providing you backlinks. Recently, a new Google update called “Penguin 4.0” has removed the sites having low profile backlinks from the initial pages of search results. After that, every website is focusing on the quality of backlinks over the quantity. Try to get backlinks from the websites that have similar domains as yours. 

  1. Domain Age and Authority:

According to research, 60% of the sites that appear on the first page of the Google search results are three years old or more. On the other hand, very few sites that are less than a year old able to achieve that ranking. It means that the domain age is also a prominent factor in search results. 

So, brand new websites have to do more struggle than the older ones to achieve a higher rank. Domain authority also matters a lot for search engines. You can enhance your site’s authority with a combination of great content and off-page SEO strategies like inbound links and social shares. Page authority and domain authority can also be check with Open Site Explorer.

  1. Page Speed:

Due to the mobile-first indexing approach of Google, the prominence of page speed has increased in recent years. Websites that are heavy usually take more time to load on mobile phones. Such websites get lower ranks in SERPs than fast loading websites. 

The aim of providing the best user experience will be fulfilled only by fast loading websites so; search engines give priority to such websites. Eliminate all the heavy elements as you can’t get desirable rank with a slow website.

  1. Schema Code:

Schema code is a relevant SEO factor for local business owners. Schema mark-up code assists search engines to understand specific details about your business such as your address, phone number, recipes, reviews, etc. 

If you run a local or small business then, using site-wide schema code can be very beneficial for your search engine rank. In this way, you will provide authentic information about your business location to Google.

  1. Brand Power and Social Signals:

The more people will search your brand name, the more significance you will gain in Google’s algorithm which will ultimately enhance your ranking. It signifies that brand power should also be counted in the important ranking factors. 

Apart from it, social signals from various social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Quora, and Reddit also affect the search engine ranking of a website. Having a strong online presence will not directly enhance your site’s traffic but, somehow you can guide that online fan following to visit your website through social media posts.

  1. User-Experience:

The first motive of creating any website is to assist users in gathering relevant knowledge related to any significant industry. User experience is the main factor in SEO as users are the people who are going to provide your website adequate traffic by clicking on its link. 

Websites that provide great user experience automatically get a higher rank. So, your site should be functional enough to satisfy the users.