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Do you as a career-aspirant, desire to deviate from the ‘regular 10-7 flow’ and pursue such a job that is –

  • Real-time exciting to execute?

And, at the same time, wish it to–

  • Hold the promise of sound future growth


  • Retain a quality salary structure

Then, the airport management course appears as the apt-est career direction for you to pursue. Not much aware of what it is all about? Well, this distinctive management discipline essentially involves –

  • Techniques of administering diverse airport operations – from ground activities till take off
  • At-depth knowledge about a country’s regional and central aviation rules and standards
  • Strategic conduction and handling of situations like natural calamities, terrorist attacks, emergency landing, pollution issues, etc
  • ‘How-to-s’ of making convincing interactions with passengers and providing them with end-to-end of guidance and assistance

Now, know that –

  • With a prediction of air passenger traffic growing by 2.5X during the coming 20 years,
  • The aviation industry is about to generate around 99 million job opportunities within 2034.

And, within these ‘opportunities’, the sector of airport operation and management thrives highly, where –

  • Demand for both general professionals and managers continues to hike by a 5.5% annual pace.

Enrolling as an aviation management student will truly pay off, right? Then have a sneak-peek into the ultimately prospective and unique professional profiles this curriculum offers –

Airport Manager

One of the optimally remunerative profiles – like an airport manager you can truly touch the ‘sky’ of success, with a median yearly package of over $150,000.

From managing air traffic to the supervision of staff, from luggage logistics to governing the security structure and from handling finances to synchronizing inter-departmental functions– you turn responsible for the very ‘living’ of an entire airport. Won’t that be quite-much exciting as well as a work to do?

At par with famed Airport Management training Kolkata schools, a 3-year BBA program in airport management followed by an MBA degree in either the same subject or hospitality management most smoothly prepares your path for adopting this profile.

Airfield Operations Officer

One hand-crafted job for those, who love the runway ‘air’ and aura. The profile asks you for–

  • Being the airport authority’s official contact for any person or organization requiring to access the tarmac
  • Taking care of every step involved within the takeoff and landing of airplanes
  • Providing readiest and optimum navigational help to the crew
  • Guaranteeing holistic security structure across the airstrip and conduct routine check
  • Maintaining every vital interaction with the air traffic panel
  • Retaining up-to-date knowledge about the fundamental principles of flying and aeronautical engineering

A certificate program (generally of 6-12 months duration) in Airfield Operations from within the airport management course structure and you get ready to take over the tarmac.

The remuneration slab? Well, by an average yearly scale and with the passage of experience, these professionals bring home around $88,000.

Cargo Department Manager

According to popular aviation management courses in Kolkata – the perfect job to ‘land at’ for those pursuing not the 3-year long BBA but the crisp 1-year diploma in airport management.

And why? Because of the growth quotient. Depending on their performance, cargo managers can draw over a $2000 yearly bonus. The best within aviation managerial jobs you can have with a diploma.

But, what about the excitement factor in the work?

Well, as per industry pros, this job ‘caters’ them with the daily amazement of witnessing and handling the most unique and novel kinds of freights that can exist.

However, the ‘keys’ to successfully conducting own Cargo Manager profile and thus turning capable for a bonus are contained in two aspects –

  • You get to be focused on the highest level


  • Adopt ultimate organizational skill

On a general notion, the job role includes –

  • Loading of all category freights and luggage into the aircraft – preventing any mishandling issues
  • Maintain step-by-step communication with every relevant department and thus ensure perfect delivery to the passengers
  • Take immediate action on passengers’ complaint about unexpected delays or loss and staffs’ reporting about sudden airline schedule changes and space deficit while loading cargo
  • Choose the best airline route for delivery and frame price structures – profitable for both airline company and customers as well
  • Maintain an up-to-date database with regards to luggage weight and measure and their daily movements
  • Guarantee each freight loaded completely abides by every airport security standard and that those are handled through packaging and transportation experts only
  • Devise an adept strategic plan for overnight storage of cargo and be personally accountable for their safety and proper supervision

An idea of the ‘Take Home’ – irrespective of the bonus? Well, though principally depending upon the airline company you work with, the package will not be anything lesser than $44,000/p.a.

Airport Safety Officer

Seeking for a quite-enough engaging entry-level profile just after completing the 12th board examination? Better if that comes with a fair-enough pay scale?

A BBA in airport management course, with specialization in air safety standards and techniques, comes up as a perfect platform to begin your professional journey. And -actually, touch the ‘sky of success’ in the future.

How can be that said? Well, even though an entry-level job, as an Airport Safety Officer, you can earn around $5600 on an annual basis. Know any other fresher profile, which can fetch this much?

What more to know? About the job role? Well, as opines the most well-known Airport Management training Kolkata institute, these Safety professionals are, essentially, ‘peace restorers’ of the airport.

They require to –

  • Maintain the overall security infrastructure all around the airport, with allegiance to each air safety norms
  • Conduct concrete rescue operations during situations of air crashes, fire-breakouts, terrorist threats, and other unprecedented emergencies
  • Ensure daily and dedicated inspection of ground and other airport properties and check against every possible nuisance
  • Do ‘the needful’ over complaints about any hazardous activity/criminal acts or harassment experienced within the aerodrome walls
  • Check upon the overall law and order in the airport parking area and crowd movement
  • Guide pilots over safe and exact landing procedure
  • Collaborate with other law enforcement professionals as and when required
  • Adeptly co-ordinate each involved step in the bomb diffusion procedure
  • Duly escort distinctive passengers and especial planes till take-off

Already experiencing a punch of excitement? Let that go higher by knowing that these pros do carry authorized firearms and are sanctioned to use those – whenever the need arises!

Assistant Manager

Your readiest step to take after a bachelor’s degree in aviation management and thus prepare a swift path in becoming an Airport Manager in the future.

In fact, this definite profile remains the most suggested career path of up-scale aviation management courses in Kolkata to every BBA pass-out, who wishes to build a prestigious career.

The job role allows you to be the ‘hands and eyes’ of an Airport Manager and thus gain the ultimate first-hand experience of how the one operates. Can there be any better ‘ground-work’ to scale up?

On an essential sense, your duties will involve –

  • Assuring smooth functioning of different areas like the airstrip, terminal points, dock sections, shopping zones, airport garages, certain rented areas
  • Providing correct grooming to staffs such as customer service executives, supervisory professionals, cargo staffs etal
  • Guaranteeing every matter reported has been duly taken care of and filing of relevant reports
  • Remaining responsible for archiving of important letters, files, memos and such official documents
  • Implementing every new change in the airport process manual
  • Co-operating with local and national law governing bodies
  • Proficiently handle pressure situations and take strategic decisions in absence of authorities
  • Being adoptive to prolonged shifts
  • Upkeeping a continuous and concrete communication link between departments

Is it pay-wise profitable? Indeed. A package of $800 is more than enough a fresher could ask for, right?

May the correct airport management course let you fly highest!

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