What makes B2B E-commerce and Wholesale Platform Different from B2C?

As soon as you open an online shopping website you are overwhelmed by the colossal quantity of items that are being advertised on it. It attracts you to buy not only items that you need but also those that are less important. At times you must have come across similar websites but with different settings that are specially designed for businesses.

The websites that encourage businesses to deal with each other are called b2b e-commerce & wholesale platform. This b2b e-commerce is much different from ordinary online shopping websites for single customers.

B2B E-commerce and Wholesale Platform:

When two companies are dealing with each other then it is called B2B e-commerce. In B2B one of the businesses requires items and services from the other to use it to improve the business. The business conducted between the two can be in the form of finished products, raw materials, consultation and services. There is no limitation on the industry in which they are formed. This means that it can develop in every field of life.

From a normal online wholesale platform, you can buy anything in large quantities but when B2B are making deals with each other, the perspective of it changes completely. The companies create an account and fill out a form containing specific info about the business and what items you require. Then you can search for other businesses and clients from whom you can buy and sell products respectively.

B2C E-commerce:

B2C e-commerce is a totally different form of B2B e-commerce. As in B2B, two businesses deal with each other; in B2C business is conducted between a business and an individual customer. This is generally referred to as the common type of online shopping then a single person does on the internet.

The person buys items from any website and sends it to the shopping cart. Then payment method is entered usually two types are used; either cash on delivery or by using a credit card. As soon as you finish filling the form, you submit it and the concerned team receives it and prepares to gather and deliver the product to you.

Difference between the Two:

Apart from the difference in the procedure of the B2B and B2C e-commerce, there are other dissimilarities between them. There are several online platforms including Order Circle that understand these differences fully and help companies to manage their businesses very well. Below the diversities in both will be discussed thoroughly;

Customers are varied:

The customers of B2C are single individuals who purchase items that only they or their family is going to use, whereas, B2B clients are companies who have to think for the whole organization. In B2B thinking is based on logic but B2C has lots of emotions attached to it.

Mode of Payments:

The clients of B2B can enjoy many options for payments with both online and offline choices. This is because the wholesalers at many times don’t have facilities that are needed. But B2C customers have lesser alternatives to select from.

Types of Products:

Generally speaking in B2C e-commerce, you can buy any product you like from furniture to a simple pencil. You will also have the same products from different companies and available in all shapes and sizes. But on the other hand, B2B purchasing involves items that only the business requires. You will see no extra product on those platforms.

Appearance Differ:

B2B is only a platform that provides businesses with a chance to promote their services and products. So the web portals will have only details of the company and a few products along with links to the original website. But an ordinary shopping platform, you can have full access to each and every item that any company or business has to offer.

Single and Multiple Shipping Locations:

When are shopping through B2C e-commerce the address to which the item(s) are to be delivered is one. It will not happen that one item is delivered to another address and the other to a second one. But you can add as many addresses to your purchasing form in B2B portal software.

Pricing of Products Vary:

The prices that are displayed on the B2B platform differ from one business to another. If the negotiating power of a businessman is strong then he can get the best price for products. But B2C cost of items is the same for all who want to purchase them.

Contrasting Integrations:

The ordinary purchasing websites have a very simple way of ordering and receiving items. They don’t need additional functions to help in purchasing. Whereas, B2B e-commerce require developing tools so that it becomes easier for the businesses to handle major orders, clients and deliver them in the right manner.

Now when you will open an online shopping website, you will know the difference between both B2C and b2b e-commerce & wholesale platform. This will also help you in making the right decision in the future if you determine to open a business yourself.

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