Why Handcrafted Jewellery is Always Popular Across the World?


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The charm of handmade jewelry refuses to go ever. They symbolize the art, love and toil of makers and artisans, so some emotional connect is always attached with them. Unlike mass produced jewelleries, handcrafted pieces are a creation of pure love with every bead and treated getting personal attention from the people who make it. Since they are created out of passion and not for the desire of making money, they continue to stay precious. And to top it all, handcrafted pieces carry amazing designs and intricate patterns that commercially made jewelleries can never match.

 Here are some of major reasons behind the ever-growing popularity of handcrafted jewellery-

1.  No use of machinery

Handcrafted jewelleries are made by hands and they carry the unmistakable print of local artisans. Right from sewing to carving to shaping to soldering, everything is done manually without the involvement of any machinery. They are the real art and show the passion and zeal of the people who create them. 

2. A time-taking endeavour

It takes a great deal of time for artisans and makers to produce even a single piece of handcrafted jewellery. Since there is no machine involved, everything is done by hands and obviously this will take time but also ensure art in its best exquisite form. With handcrafted piece, you know there is a big value attached.  

3. An art with the passion of artisans 

When you wear handcrafted jewellery it is bound to get attention from others purely for the kind of work the piece has. Every line and curve on the jewellery has got personal attention, so the design will surely stir the emotions of others. Such pieces are nothing less than a prized possession and that’s why they remain priceless everywhere. 

4. The use of quality material 

When there is mass production of jewellery you know somewhere quality will be compromised. Since the makers are looking to earn money out of their products, you can expect the type of materials used in manufacturing. On the other side, handcrafted jewelleries are never created for the market and rather their purpose is to showcase the art and craft of local people. That’s why only quality material is used with them. 

5. Sustainability and longevity

The makers of handcrafted jewelleries always source raw materials from reliable sources and follow stringent quality norms in creation of masterpieces. So, the end results will always be something you can expect deliver sustainability and longevity. You can always hope handcrafted pieces to go the distance without breaking or snapping with just few uses.

6. Locally made with love

There is absolutely no doubt that artisans pour their heart out into each piece of work when they craft jewellery by hand. Their love and toil and desire to produce quality will be visible in every piece of handcrafted jewellery online. You can easily discern the quality with each pieces and get an idea about the value inherent in pieces of jewellery that have been crafted by hands, not machinery.

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