Why Multiple References Matter For Wikipedia Article


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The most common reason is having not enough notability. Advising someone the topic that doesn’t meet enough notability sources, the very next question comes up is for how many references are needed. Since this is a reasonable question and it becomes quite challenging to address for Wikipedia has complex policies.

What are the basic notability principles about references? 

For the beginner Wikipedia page editor who is not familiar for how to qualify for Wikipedia, notability guidelines are the best to initiate with. Fundamentally, the notability is all about citing strong references. It should include what media outlets say about you and do they give you enough permission to own a Wikipedia page with you being subject.

As per the basic guidelines of Wikipedia regarding the references and notability. 

“If the subject has earned significant attention for the reliable sources that are independent of promotion then it’s considered to be appropriate for articles that can be published stand

Wikipedia guidelines define that the referrals need to be secondary and means that there are no qualified number of sources need, though in a general scenario contributors consider multiple sources required. 

What can be interpreted as multiple? 

It’s as simple as the word define more than singular and lesser than unlimited. Multiple has been evaluated differently, however, some Wikipedia pages carry only as little as two but strong referrals still fall under the category of being notable.

“Maintaining quality is the most crucial thing for the multiple resources. The more reliable the resources, the lesser references are likely to be needed to have a notability.” Jordan Wikipedia consultant

For instance the article published in the wall street journal followed by the publication in New York Times can be a better option that multiple publications in other media forms.

Determining what sources are reliable 

A writer can get confused when it comes to the question of what sources are considered reliable. While it’s a long discussion you generally need to go through the type of sources, such as the contributor and the actual publisher. 

So why does it matter

A book published is a good source of knowledge, however, if published all by yourself will not be known as reliable enough to be notable.

A publication in the entrepreneur is known to be reliable, however, if the writer contributes to where there are not editorial governance, the contribution will not be deemed for reliability. Generally the people are advised to get a coverage in a media means where the public is reliable. Since this is not a rule of thumb for Wikipedia and don’t give you an idea of what one is looking into. 

Once you get the citations that are obtained from these publications the very next you have to do is to evaluate if you are mentioned as the main subject or as a referral, which means that you are more than a passing mention. 

Published as the chief subject or a passing mention 

To have a reference that qualifies you for Wikipedia it must be the main topic about you and not only a small referral.

That might not mean that the article completely describe the topic100%, however, the article should talk in detail. When its for the enterprises qualifying for the Wikipedia pages, this is the most difficult challenging.

Indepth coverage reveals that the source should get to the nuts and bolts of the topics. Well the confusion arise when the references that don’t qualify can still be used as citation on Wikipedia. Yes you get it right these might be the sources that might talk about the topic such as passing referral. While the media means might not qualify for notability, it might still be used in Wikipedia page.

It’s all individual and depends on the subject 

Diverse topics appears to require a diverse number of references. For example; an organization with two in-depth, citation with notable sources that need to be discharged as not being notable. While an individual with two articles that are lesser in depth often qualifies instantly. While searching to ask for a question regarding the number of references required for notability you need to go through individual guidelines. 


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