Kudos! You might be pregnant! The time is perfect to become a bit selfish and think about you and your baby. There are women who donate blood on a regular basis. But nothing can compare to the happiness or peace of mind that comes while donating blood and saving someone else’s life. The moment you become pregnant you need to think of yourself first. If you are thinking to donate blood, it does make sense to wait till you are no longer pregnant

Blood conditions in pregnancy does warrant a lot of attention. A host of medical associations discourage a woman from donating blood during pregnancy. A feeling might emerge that this could be unfair and a form of discrimination. The body produces extra amount of blood during pregnancy. This you need to sustain the life of a baby inside the womb. Anemia does pose to be a major issue during pregnancy and if you donate blood this condition can go on to make the situation a lot worse.

It is not that you are advised not to donate blood till you are breastfeeding the baby. Some medical experts suggest that you wait for 9 months after breastfeeding to donate blood. In case if you are still planning to donate blood after this period, the blood bank might ask you to wait and not donate blood till you are no longer pregnant. The reason being breastfeeding infants go on to depend upon breast milk for all their nutrient needs. By waiting for these 9 months, it is possible to replenish the iron content of your blood.

In countries like US blood pressure medication pregnancy follows a different rule. Women are allowed to donate blood after 6 weeks. Just give a long hard thought before you are planning to opt for this route. One of the main reasons why a doctor may ask you to donate blood during pregnancy is due to blood transfusion needed at this point of time. This means that you are going to donate blood to your future self.

Till then there is no specific reason that might prevent a woman from donating blood during pregnancy. Then why risk it? Being pregnant is a tough job and is worth a challenge in itself. All possible efforts should be made at your end in order to nurture the tiny flame inside your body. Already during pregnancy there would be endless number of needles in your body. Why on earth do you want to add one more needle and compound the problem?

In case if you are healthy and feel the need to donate blood, then still the blood bank can turn you off. No need to worry as still there is a list of people who cannot donate blood. The list is fairly long and some of the reasons might seem a lot silly. Just bear in mind that the whole person of donating blood is to provide someone with a new lease of life.